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lead a time of change for the people in 1989 and a New Hope for the future. Ash also mentioned that these revolutions were all peaceful. This may have had much to do with the lack of involvement by the Soviet Union. Plus, I feel the communist governments realized that there was no chance of survival for them. The economies were failing, in general communism was failing, and masses of people were speaking out against them. In most cases they had no choice but to give in.The revolutions of 1989 marked the end on communism in Eastern Europe forever. There, communism was given its chance and it had failed. It was now a time for rebuilding what communism had destroyed. Ash mentions that this will be a long and hard process for all these counties. But they can finally move forward

after being kept in the dark while the west prospered.In closing Ash mentions that by the time the reader reads this that many more changes will have taken place. And he is very correct. Though one fact still remains, Communism has not returned. Although many changes have been made in their respective governments, all these nations have maintained a democracy to this point. The best part about it is that they did if for themselves, and they did it peacefully.The Magic Lantern leaves you with a feeling of national pride. And it also gives hope to those nations that are not yet free of communism. Timothy Garton Ash has written a great account of the revolutions of 1989.