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Untitled Essay, Research Paper As John Stuart Mills, I believe that my philosophy on government will satisfy the needs of the society. Throughout the 1880?s people have revolted under the circumstances that the government is focused on the society and the individual. My system focuses on liberty, meaning the rights and principles of the individual of a society. The basic principle is that there isn?t an official power that can dictate to another of lower status. Every individual will judge their own decisions and can do freely what they want, as long as it doesn?t effect the well being of another.Without the ability to express an opinion, one is not an individual. The ability to express all opinions is as important as the liberty of thought itself. As long as the one?s

liberty to express all opinions do not interfere with the liberty of thought of others. If it did interfere with the thought of others it would be harmful to other individuals, and wouldn?t be called liberty. Therefore all the people of a society need their freedom, to be able to speak and express their ideas freely. My philosophy enforces that idea, which gives the chance for people to not be influenced by the government.My philosophy on government is different than the philosophies on governments that have been displayed since the beginning of the 1800?s. It deals directly with the people and their appeal, instead of how the government should be rum. The past governments impacted my ideas on liberty because I believe that without liberty there is no freedom and past governments

did not hold that quality in their society.As a society gains power an individual loses liberty. This is what I see is happening in a society. My philosophy is that of the rights of the individual. The idea on the rights of an individual will stop the increasing power of the government and raise the liberty of the people. The tyranny of the majority will no longer be a part of this society. This is justifiable because will no longer be influenced by the tyranny.With this system people have the rights and principles that have not been established in the course of European government. With this philosophy in mind our people can have the chance to have an equal opportunity in life. Which will establish the ideals for future generations. Giving them the ability to walk on land of the