Until Death Takes You Away Essay Research

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Until Death Takes You Away Essay, Research Paper Convenient. It’s the word that consumers want to come before anything they do. Make it easy. Make it simple. This comes into play more so than ever when the consumer is buying a house. Real Estate companies are beginning to offer their customers convenience. Buying a house can be considered one of the most time consuming and difficult purchases a person may ever make in a lifetime. To ease the strain and possibly keep a home buyer or seller as a customer for life, services are being offered where the utilities will be hooked up before moving in, phone turned on, cable ready to watch, boxes of trash from moving can be picked up without missing a scheduled day, and there might even be mail waiting in the box when the moving

truck pulls up. Realtors are getting more involved in simplifying the process. Another aspect for Prudential is contractor referral services. Move in, don’t like the carpet this time, the realtors will sup-ply you with lists of names. DOES THE REALTOR GET A PERCENTAGE OF THE CONTRAC-TORS PAYMENT. DO THE CONTRACTORS PAY TO BE ON THE LIST. According to Prudential, the process to get started is simple and will boil down multiple calls to the different utilities to one 20-minute phone call to a Homessentials’ representative. According to Jerry Y. Speer, current president of the Pennsylvania Association of realtors, the “package services” have been around for 10-12 years. He said over the years a lot of com-panies have offered incentives for their clientele but he “hasn’t

seen these becom any big success.” Some by using coupon books that give new homeowners discounts at local stores. Although Speer can’t see these “incentives” as a reason why a person would choose a particu-lar Realtor or buy a certain house. “They want the best house they can get,” he said. Speer said a Realtor’s objective is to benefit the public while they are buying a house, one of the biggest purchases in their life. Is the service is legitimate and not just a gimmick, he thinks it could be a good thing because it makes the transition for the home buyer easier.