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about it, Legree again has him beat until he can’t speak or stand. Chapters 41-45 Two days later, George Shelby, Jr. arrives at Legree’s plantation to buy Tom back, but it is too late. Uncle Tom is dying, and at his death, Shelby Jr. determines to free all his slaves. He then helps Cassy and Emmeline escape. Later, on a river boat headed north, they meet Madame de Thoux whom they find out is George Harris’ sister. Upon discussing this, they also discover that Cassy is Eliza’s mother. The two women go to Canada where Eliza, George and Harry had settled. Finally, the family is united. Uncle Tom’s Cabin helped to turn the tide of public opinion against slavery in the 19th century. After View: This controversial novel was initially written to question slavery and to

convince people of its wrongness. It was the first book that brought the problem of Negro slavery in America to the attention of the world. It became not only a bestseller, but a social documentary of the lives of slaves. While living in Ohio just across the river from slave holding Kentucky, Harriet Beecher Stowe had a first hand view of terrified runaway slaves and cruel bounty hunters. After moving back to New England, she decided to write a book about what she had seen. At one point she said, “My heart was bursting with the anguish excited by the cruelty and injustice our nation was showing to the slave, and praying God to let me do a little and cause my cry for them to be heard.”1 Mrs. Stowe’s cry was heard very loudly in her book that criticized slavery and counted

slavery as a national sin. She hoped her novel would bring slavery to a quick and peaceful end, however it only increased northern hostility towards the South. Ten Questions: Q: Where does the story take place. A: In Missippi and Kentucky Q: When does the story take place A: It takes place in later part of the 19th century, when slavery was beginning Q: Who is the main characters in Uncle Toms Cabin A: Uncle Tom, and Eliza and George Harris Q: What happens at the end of the book A: Shelby, Jr. arrives at Legree’s plantation to buy Tom back, but it is too late.Tom is dying, and then when he dies Shelby Jr. determines to free all his slaves. and helps some other slaves get to freedom. Q: Where is the Plantation located A: The Plantation is located in Kentucky it is about 200

acres of farm land Q: Where does Tom and Eliza run away to A: They run away to the Ohio river and go under the Under Ground Rail Road and Hide Out in a Quaker Estate. Q:Who is the story based on? A:It is Based on the slave Tom and him trying to get to freedom Q:Who does uncle tom get sold to ? A:To a mean Slave Owner named Simon Legree.