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Unlce Toms Cabin Essay, Research Paper Justin Ross Per.5 12/20/00 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Author:Harriet Beecher Title:Uncle Toms Cabin Number of Pages: 250 Characters: The main characters in this story are Uncle Tom, Eliza and George Harris. Uncle Tom is a pious, trustworthy, slave. He never wrongs anyone and always obeys his master. A very spiritual person, Uncle Tom tries his best to obey the Bible and to do what is right. Eliza is a beautiful slave owned by George Shelby, Sr., the same person who initially owns Tom. Eliza has a son, Harry. Eliza’s husband, George Harris, lives on a nearby plantation. George is a brilliant man, and invented a machine that was used in the factory he works in. His owner became jealous and demoted George from his factory job to doing hard labor

on the plantation. Setting: This story takes place throughout the states of Kentucky and Mississippi in the year 1891 in the Plantations and fields and workshops are were the slaves work mostly in sunny and good working conditions. Chapters 1-5 Because his Kentucky plantation was overwhelmed by debt, George Shelby, Sr. makes plans to trade some slaves to a slave dealer named Haley in exchange for debts being canceled. The dealer selects Uncle Tom as payment for the debt. While the two are discussing the possible transaction, Eliza’s son, Harry, comes rushing into the room. Haley decides he wants to take Harry also, but Shelby refuses to part with the child. Eliza, overhearing part of the conversation, is frightened and confides her fears to her husband, George Harris. The fact

that George’s owner is mistreating him, combined with a possible sale of his son persuades George to begin planning to run away. After inferring from an overheard conversation between Mr. & Mrs. Shelby that they are indeed going to sell Harry and Uncle Tom, Eliza warns Tom and she runs away. Chapters 6-15 Eliza is able to cross the Ohio River and get to a safe place before Haley’s two hired slave-catchers can catch up with her. Although he was warned, Uncle Tom stays on the plantation, leaving it up to God to protect him. At the same time, George Harris begins his escape. Disguised as a Spaniard, George takes his time finding a route on the underground railroad. He just happens to go to the same place where Eliza and Harry are being hidden. The family is finally united at

a Quaker Settlement. Uncle Tom, meanwhile, is on a boat en route to New Orleans. After gallantly saving the life of young Eva St. Clare, he is rewarded by being bought by her father, Augustine. Augustine is married to a selfish woman who claims to be sick and takes no interest in her daughter. So it is on his return trip from Maine where he has picked up his cousin Ophelia who will care for Eva that Augustine buys Tom. Chapters 16-30 Unused to Southern customs and slavery, Ophelia tries to bring order to the St. Claire plantation, but the pampered slaves do not cooperate. Eva, who has always been frail, was dying and asks her father to free his slaves. After her death, Augustine was making plans to free the slaves when he was killed while breaking up a fight. Mrs. St. Clare had

no intentions of freeing any slaves and had Uncle Tom sold at an auction to a brutal plantation owner named Simon Legree. Chapters 31-40 For weeks, Uncle Tom tries in vain to please his new master. Legree has enough of Tom’s goodheartedness after Tom was ordered to beat another female slave and refused. For this show of abstinence, Tom was beaten until he fainted. A slave woman named Cassy helps treat Tom’s wounds and afterwards went to Legree’s apartment to torment him. Legree is superstitious and believes that Cassy would cast an evil spell on him, and as a result, he was afraid of her. Haunted by her and his guilty secrets, Legree drinks until he falls asleep. Soon, Cassy along with another slave, Emmeline, run away from the plantation. Convinced that Tom knows something