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Light Co. in Kansas City, Missouri can access their accounts to determine how much electricity they?ve used, and the company is experimenting with ?online bill payment.? (Wagner 59) Although the company sees security as a major concern, they find no reason to ?stay off-line.? The claim that internet security devices, such as encryption and firewalls are ?relatively safe? security devices. Mitch Wagner writing for Computerworld writes that ?Marriott and Kansas City Power & Light shelter legacy systems from the Internet by allowing access only at ?mirror? sites servers outside the firewall that contain duplicates of the data stored on internal sites. ?It’s like having a lock on your door,?’ said Ray Pasley, supervisor of network services at Kansas City Power & Light.?

(Wagner 59) Wagner writes, ?…the risk of being off-line outweighs the risk of being online, because customers are increasingly demanding online access to data and will take their business to companies that have a dynamic online presence, Pasley said.? (Wagner 59) It is obvious that with public demand for internet services, combined with the fact that the internet is UNIX-based, there is no immediate threat to the UNIX operating system. UNIX has served many different government and scientific entities in the past and continues to be enhanced by software designers in order to better serve customers by being responsive to today?s marketplace. UNIX serves, and will continue to serve the world through the Web. Lemay, Laura (1995). Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML In 14 Days.

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