United States Vrs Gambino Essay Research Paper

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United States Vrs Gambino Essay, Research Paper Gambino v. United States Argued Oct 12 and 13th 1927 Decided Dec. 12 1927 SUMMARY On August 1, 1924 Gambino and Lima were both arrested by two New York state troopers . They were driving near the Canadian border when their car was searched with out a warrant and intoxicating liquor was found and was taken. The liquor and other property taken was immediately turned over to a Federal deputy collector of customs for prosecution in the Federal court for Northern New York. Both Gambino and Lima were charged with conspiracy to transport the liquor in violation with the national prohibition act. The defense argued that the search without a warrant and no probable cause was in conflict with the Constitution Amendments four,five, and

six. The motion was denied which meant that was no excuse and the liquor was then brought into the trial as evidence. Both Lima and Gambino were found guilty and were sentenced to fine and imprisonment. The case was taken to appeals court where they affirmed the verdict and neither court delivered an opinion. This court was granted a writ of certiorari. The government contended that the New York state troopers at the time were agents of the United States. The defendants contend that their was no probable cause and that the state troopers are to be deemed agents of the United States because section 26 of the prohibition act imposes the duty of arrest and seizure where liquor is being illegally transported. They also argued that state and federal agents were working together which

in that case evidence obtained through wrongful search and seizure by state officials CO-operating with federal agents must be excluded. But it was held admissible and the idea was excluded from the case because their wasn’t a federal agent present at the search and seizure. Therefor the only way the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments could be applied to the case was if a federal office had aided the arrest. The only evidence against Gambino and Lima was the liquor which if thrown out they would have been found innocent that being the only evidence that could have prosecuted them for any crime. Gambino didn’t have much of a chance even though many unreasonable search and seizure are admitted to lower federal courts but only 3 cases had been found where it had been seriously

contended. The verdict was made mostly on the fact that federal officers did not have relation to the state officers who made the search and seizure the only way the liquor would have been thrown out is if federal officers aided the state officers. One of the officers had been stationed on the Canadian border for 18 months previous to the arrest. AFFECT ON SOCIETY The affect on society delt allot with freedom from the government which the constitution is supposed to protect you from unreasonable government acts. I didn’t quite understand what their probable cause was but it didn’t seem to me unless Gambino or Lima had been intoxicated that they would have had probable cause . It made people more especially crime families that thrived in that time that police could have their

was with the fourth amendment as well as the fifth. I didn’t see what the sixth played because they were given a fair trial excluding the fact that the alcohol was brought in as evidence but that was the whole case without that their was no crime. Society probable was all for it because it hurt organized crime which ran parts of society in the twenties.