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provinces than the limited market. The size of the market made by economic union is also important for generating Canada’s bargaining clout. Canada is the seventh largest industrial economy in the world. “Economic union helps to smoothen the impact of economic shocks, such as the grain price shock of 1986 – to the benefit of all Canadians. This is accomplished by providing stabilization and insurance benefits to the provinces. The economic union provides insurance benefits in the Canadian regions. With the many industrial structures across provinces, the insurance principle is very important to the Canadian economy. The stability of Canadian economy gives benefits to all Canadians.”14 14 Statement On The Next Federal Budget, Ottawa, 1983, P.12P.12 CONCLUSION Most people

believe that bargaining is best accomplished by unions. However, unions get involved in all kinds of social activities. These activities influence the economy of Canada directly or indirectly. If there were no unions, Canadian workers would not enjoy being among the most highly paid labourers of the world. Without the unions, the privatization of education might become a reality. Other than bargaining for wages, unions also have to be socially responsible. But there is evidence that unions are helping people other than paid members. The prime objectives of the union is to provide better working conditions for workers.P.15 1 Barkin, Soloman, Worker Militancy And Its Consequences, Praeger, New York, 19832 Carter, D.D., Canadian Industrial Relations In The Year 2000, Industrial

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Budget, Ottawa, 1983 12 Wiggins, Cynthia, “Death by 1000 cuts: Public services in peril,” CLC Today, Ottawa, 1992 February Issue