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Uniforms-Good Or Bad Essay, Research Paper What do policemen, basketball players and even hotel chefs have in common? They all wear uniforms which help identify their profession and positions. For many parents, teachers and students, the widely debated issue of mandatory uniforms in schools has caused concerns. Those who oppose school uniforms believe that fundamental rights to express oneself are violated. On the other hand, parents and school officials firmly believe that it is beneficial to the school and the students. Uniforms in schools are essential in order to create discipline, unity and tolerance for others among students. It can be observable that discipline provides for a safer learning environment, unity because everyone feels like part of the “team”, also

tolerance because no one is judged based on their personal styles and family income. To parents and teachers, the primary concern is for students to dress in appropriate attire which would create a healthier environment within the schools. From the perspective of the students, some oppose the idea of wearing uniforms at school. Students are worried that their individuality and freedom of expression will be suppressed. On the contrary, students should not have to show their individuality superficially through the way they dress. Many students follow trends in clothing, but by doing this, they are actually denying their own individuality be copying what others are wearing. They possess other noticeable characteristics that mould their personalities. Individuality can be expressed

through thoughts, actions, and words. If your sense of individuality is based on your clothing, then you are lacking originality. Uniforms, no matter how it is regulated, will never be able to hide a student’s truly radiant and unique personality. As a result, uniforms can not destroy individualism. First, students have a right to enjoy a safe and fun school environment. By having, students wear uniforms, it separates people that belong to the school and intruders. The code of conduct seen in all agendas clearly states that all students are not to invite their friends or visitors to the school. This code, however, is violated many times each year. With all students in uniforms it creates a sense of discipline which in turn helps staff and students distinguish intruders. This

will decrease the possibility of violence because outsiders will not be able to enter school premises and cause trouble. We can use West Hill C.I. as an example. The school banned the wearing of hats. Anyone that wears hats in the school would be considered as an intruder. If the teachers cannot catch them then the security cameras will. Thus by having a uniform policy, then students will not be bothered by intruders. Secondly, by wearing uniforms, students will be able to look and feel apart of a “team”. A student wearing sloppy, distracting, or even offensive clothes is seen as an uneducated person. Whereas, a person who is dressed in a clean shirt and pressed pants will be passed off as more responsible and diligent. Thus, school uniforms provide a positive image to the

learning environment. Student uniforms make the school more presentable and adds prestige to its reputation. Uniforms bring unity to a school by creating an image that everyone is equal. No doubt, that students will not have to think about what they have to wear everyday to impress their friends. Uniforms will eliminate the need to compete with someone else by wearing better clothes. In fact, by wearing uniforms, no one would be discriminated by their appearance. For example, if students wear uniforms then their self-esteem will rise because they know that they will not be ridiculed so they will feel more accepted by other peers. Uniforms separate school life from home life, where a student may walk about the house in a ragged T-shirt and a shabby pair of pants. Without uniforms