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at its all time peak. The rule of men will start to crumble before the evolution of woman is complete. Nostradamus also predicted that democracy would replace the autocracies of his time. He also thought that women would start to slowly take their place in these new democracies and that would influence a new order. These women would change the laws to be more equal in gender. ?With a name so timid will she be brought forth That the three sisters will have the name of destiny: Then she will lead a great people by tongue and deed, More than any other will she have fame and renown (75).? -Century 1:76 During Nostradamus? time until the earlier part of the twentieth century womankind was associated with weakness in the eyes of men. The three sisters could represent, as they sometimes

do in classical myth: the virgin, the mother and the old woman. Possibly Nostradamus refers to the cycles of womanhood in that way as to say that, in the future, all women will have more power. This specific person could refer directly to Princess Diana, of Great Britain, for there seems to be no woman in history to be so well loved and well known as Princess Diana. It could also refer to Margaret Thatcher, the previous Prime Minister of Great Britain or even Hillary Clinton, the first lady of the United States. ?Before long all will be rearranged, We can hope for a very sinister century, The estate that was masked and alone will change, Few will wish to stay as they were (155).? -Century 2:10 This can be viewed as the twentieth century as the ?sinister? century. When women

started off that century with almost no power and at the end had the beginnings of equality. This verse is almost calling to women to become the leaders of this new twenty-first century. While we have many women in many countries with power we still have to continue the ?fight? for equality worldwide. These above selections were carefully chosen to illustrate a point. That point being that, while women have come a long way they still have not reached true equality in most places. Women still are considered a ?minority? in the United States government even though they make up more than half of the population. In some Middle Eastern and African countries women are not even allowed to work outside the home. 3f9 Lorie, Peter, and Manuela Dunn Mascetti. Nostradamus: Prophecies for

Women. London: Bloomsbury, 1995.