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Understanding Learning Essay, Research Paper Understanding myself as a learner. On my journey to a better understanding of how learning theories have shown themselves in my life, I realized that I have had more experience with them than I had first thought. I don?t see myself as being changed dramatically by any one learning experience, but I do realize that my desire to learn has increased as I have been introduced to a variety of teaching methods. In short, I could not pick one theory that I could relate most of my learning experiences to. Therefore, as I looked through our textbook, I tried to remember if and how any of these theories played a role in my educational development so far. As we have studied, most learning theories can be placed into one of two groups:

cognitive learning and association learning. ?The cognitive learning view states that learning is based on a restructuring of perceptions and thoughts occurring within the organism. This restructuring allows us to perceive new relationships, solve new problems, and gain understanding of a subject area. Cognitive learning theorists stress the reorganization of one?s perceptions in order to achieve understanding.? (Sprinthall, Sprinthall, and Oja; Educational Psychology- A developmental Approach 1998) One of these cognitive-learning theorists is Wolfgang Kohler. Kohler performed many experiments with chimps during World War I. Kohler constructed a variety of problems for the chimps, each of which involved obtaining food that was not directly accessible. In the simplest task, food

was put on the other side of a barrier. Dogs and cats in previous experiments had faced the barrier in order to reach the food, rather than moving away from the goal to go around the barrier. The chimps, however, presented with an apparently similar situation, set off immediately on the roundabout route to the food. Over the last few years my husband and I, for lack of anything better to do, have begun playing video games. One of the first we started to play together was Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider is an action/adventure game that only lets you progress to the next level once you have successfully completed the current level. Some of levels are rather challenging and my husband and I often found ourselves stuck in one problem that we could not solve to go onto the next level. We

would try and try to get past this obstacle, but just couldn?t figure it out. One night, while watching TV, the solution just ?came to me?. This is what is known as the ?a ha phenomenon?. Understanding the concept if transfer is also very important to getting to know ourselves as learners. Transfer occurs when learning task A influences task B. When learning task A helps us to learn task B, positive transfer has taken place. When learning task A obstructs learning task B, negative transfer has occurred. One experience I have had with positive transfer is that of learning to ride a motorcycle after I had learned to ride a bicycle. When I was eleven years old we lived in a very rural area and rather than take me to my best friends house, 5 miles away, they opted to get me my own

transportation. A motorcycle. The motorcycle was a step up from the bicycle I had learned to ride a few years earlier, the difference being that I didn?t have to pedal. I thought the difference was huge, but in all actuality it wasn?t. The main goal of learning how to ride a motorcycle was balance, something I had already learned on my bicycle. Once I applied the same concept of balance I had learned on my bicycle, it was much easier to achieve success on the motorcycle. I am currently experiencing the effects of negative transfer. I am working toward my degree in Psychology and I thought, though not a very well thought out thought, that I should take as many Psychology classes as possible. This is true in most cases, but I decided to take 3 psychology classes in one term. Now