Uncomparable Story Of Golf Essay Research Paper

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Uncomparable Story Of Golf Essay, Research Paper THE UNCOMPARABLE STORY OF GOLF What do we know about the game of golf? We know that golfers hit a golf ball with a golf club. We know that they are trying to get that golf ball into a small hole in as few hits as possible. The way that the golfer play on TV play they make it look so easy. They all have nice swings, smooth-putting strokes, and someone carrying that heavy golf bag around. Golf hasn?t always been like this though. Golfers carried their own bags, and the equipment wasn?t made of state-of-the-art metal. Have you ever heard of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, or of Bobby Jones? Have you ever heard of St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, or Augusta National? How about the U.S. Open, the British Open, the PGA

Championship, The Masters, or the Ryder Cup? Courses, tournaments, and people in some way have changed the game of golf. When you change things about golf, you are making everything, such as the course, the time frame, the person, or even equipment, that was involved history. Since golf historians are uncertain as to where golf was invented or who invented it, the golf courses and players are the ones who have changed and given the game a history. Well where did golf originate? A few areas of the world claim that golf was originated there. The first believed record of the game exists in Gloucester Cathedral, England. A sketch of a man appeared in a stained glass window preparing to hit a ball using a golf-like swing. Some golf historians don?t believe that this is golf though,

they believe that is was a game called cambuca. More historians think it all started in Holland. A famous Dutch golf historian thinks that golf was invented by using the game of chole and the rules of a different game called jeu de mail. With the result of these two games was the game colf, which means in Dutch ?club?. Another name that was used for golf was spel metten colve which means, ?game with clubs?. The famous golf historian, Steven J.H. van Hengel, traced the game of colf back in time to the year 1297. Still there is no physical evidence that golf was originated there. So still no inventors of golf. We move on to Scotland, where the first reference of golf being there first was in 1457. King James II banned golf and football, because they were taking away practice time

from archery. Golf was banned off and on from 1457 all the way to 1618. Finally golf was a free sport in Scotland. This came when King James VI lifted the ban because he had starting playing the sport. Where have the people been playing then? There couldn?t have been too many courses or open areas that golfers could have played on. So the most believable or the place that makes the most sense where golf was invented would be in the East Coast of Scotland. This is where the Scottish fishermen where believed to be hitting rocks with sticks on their way home from fishing. The hitting of rocks resembled golf enough for many people to believe that these fishermen originated golf. So we kind of have a birthplace for golf, but how did it really take off? Well, there were a few golf

courses that were being built. One of those turned into the ?Home of Golf?. That would be The Royal and Ancient Golf Club Of St. Andrews. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews was the first golf course to have the conventional eighteen hole format that we use today. This course was first a 22-hole golf course but was changed in 1764. This gives the honor to The Royal and Ancient (R and A) Golf Club at St. Andrews for being the oldest course. The course is still one of the very best championship courses ever. This course has been host of the very noble golf championship called the British Open, one of four ?major? tournaments played by the PGA tour (Professional Golf Association). It is played once a year on Scotland?s soil. The legendary course now has 99 holes of golf,