Ukraine tourism after the First World War

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Entry After the First World War greatly changed the political map of Europe: in the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires have new states with different political and socio-economic affably. Undergone drastic changes and geopolitical position of Ukrainian lands. At the Eastern (Dnieper) Ukraine established Soviet power - Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic (USSR) from 1937 - Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR), whose capital was until 1934 Kharkiv. By the Treaty of Riga (March 1921) of Western Ukraine was annexed by Poland (even earlier, in 1918 p., Romania occupied Bukovina, Transcarpathia in 1919 was given to Czechoslovakia). Therefore 20-30-E pp. in Ukraine were characterized by contradictory processes and phenomena in all areas of society and the development of

tourism as well. Core of Soviet power in the field of tourism in the 20-30-E pp. was to create a public institutional framework of tourism, mass involvement of the population in different areas of tourist activities, strengthening and expansion of logistics tourism. In the second half of the 30's pp. Ukraine has taken the first steps in creating tourism infrastructure. During this period, began to operate facilities tourists and tourist camps in Kiev, Trypillia Kano, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya. Attention is paid to development and hotel management. 1. Politics ukrainization "Tourism Development in Ukraine Politics Ukrainization, conducted by the Bolsheviks in 1923 - 1933 pp., Contributed to national and spiritual revival of Ukraine. Indeed, at that time there was a strong

development of the Ukrainian language, education, literature, theater, media, ethnography, excursion business. These processes took place against the background of expectations of the Ukrainian intelligentsia to develop new conditions in the Ukrainian culture, carry people knowledge and education. Therefore, Ukrainian artists, scientists, lore in his work showed high dedication, sacrifice, enthusiasm. During the national-cultural revival in Ukraine has gained weight tourism and excursion business. Adventure considered as an important tool, a method of educational, cultural, and educational work among the wider population. Excursion business development support as cultural and scientific community and the Bolshevik government of Ukraine, although the tasks were different. Famous

scientists, lore - Hrushevsky, Shcherbina, I. Hermayze, V. Artobolevskyy, D. Scherbakivskyy, M. Bilyashivsky, S. Rusova and many others - founders of tourist and excursion business, tried using a wide application tours to educate people, to revive its historical memory, to deepen the historical knowledge, lay in the consciousness of the many attractions tourists need to preserve the past, national-cultural heritage that promote the spiritual development of people. A proof of regional revitalization movement is a tourist and excursion work in Chernihiv in the 20's pp. Despite the extremely difficult political situation (civil war), already in 1919 on the initiative of local intellectuals in Chernigov at the Union of Educators have a Bureau of excursions. Next, in 1920 it was

subordinated to the guiding and exhibition (later excursions and museum exhibitions) part - the structural unit of the provincial Department of Education. Goals, which set a travel agency, formulated as: "give an idea of ​​the history of Chernigov, Chernigov outskirts of nature, of economic life, cultural achievements in the local life. It worked a few cycles tours - natural history, historical and archaeological, literary and artistic, production. At the same time developed tourist and excursion routes to Baturin, Lyubech, Sednyeva where, surrounded by beautiful nature myluvaly eye numerous monuments of history and culture. Since travel agencies are currently collaborating on a permanent basis which best scientific potential of Chernigov, known historians,