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several times. He said that he can communicate with the aliens using telepathy. The aliens supposedly gave him a disk-shaped object that fit in his hand. When holding the object, they told him to say the word ?Kazik? while his radio was on. By doing this, he could contact the aliens at any time. Bender also said the alien beings have a huge cavern of ice in Antarctica. When he was taken there, he met a being called the ?exalted one? who was neither male nor female. Again Bender was able to communicate telepathically with the alien. He asked the ?exalted one? many questions, some related to God and spirituality. When asked if God was real, the being replied that God is just something thought up by man, and Christ was just a man who was a follower of this idea. (Ritchie 27.) The

?exalted one?s? hostility toward our God may suggest that the so-called aliens are really demonic creatures trying to deceive humankind. After Bender?s alleged abductions, he was returned home with the sensation of extreme cold and the smell of burning sulfur. Another incident took place near Levelland, Texas, on November 2, 1957. Several people saw what they described to be an egg-shaped craft illuminated by bright lights fly across the sky and land. Some witnesses encountered the craft while driving. Their radios would cut out and the car?s engines would shut off. Then the people would see the craft lift off the ground and take off across the sky. The car engines would then start up again and the radios worked just fine. The ship was estimated to be two hundred feet long (Omni

47). Hundreds of people have reported being abducted by aliens and experimented on or questioned. One of those people is Betty Andreasson. She claims she has been abducted several times. One of the first times she was visited, she witnessed the alien beings pass through a wall uninhibited. They took her to another world where she saw a huge area filled with green vegetation and a palace made of crystal. Andreasson also says she saw different types of stalks with no heads and small, pale bodies. She was also physically probed and examined. Andreasson would then find herself back in her home slightly dazed (Time Life 9). Travis Walton and about six other men were driving out of the woods one night after a day of cutting lumber. They all saw a light glowing behind the trees. When

they reached it, it was a large craft hovering in the air. Travis was drawn to it and he started walking toward it. When he stopped, the craft shot a beam of light at him, and he flew backward. The other men took off, but when they went back for him, he was gone. Eight days later, they found him naked and curled up outside a gas station. Travis said they examined him and took him to a hangar-like room full of capsules with bodies in them. The aliens then left him naked and in the rain until someone found him (Time Life 23). In so many of the abduction cases, people say they were examined and probed by the aliens. What are they trying to learn about humans? To get detailed descriptions of alien abductions, UFO investigators are using hypnosis to recover the memories of the

abductee (Time Life 27). Centuries ago, magicians used hypnosis to amaze and amuse crowds. Now hypnosis is used in crime investigations, therapy, scientific experimentation, and recovering lost memories. Due to the fact that a person under hypnosis is susceptible to suggestion, that person?s account of what happened may be a fanciful dillusion, which makes some people unsure of hypnosis? credibility. (Ritchie 107). In 1969, the U.S. Air Force ceased investigation of UFOs and related phenomena. Now it is up to individual people to search on their own without the government?s help. When choosing a case to investigate, people usually look for one that has been witnessed by more than one person and has been reported in local media (Omni 48). If a good present-day case can?t be found,

look for one that took place in the past but has not been solved (Omni 52). Although many books have been written on UFOs, and the phenomenon has been investigated, no one has answered the question ?Who or what are they?? yet.