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arise a consensus on simply what to do next, who could plan it, who would execute it, how would money be spent in a responsible, accountable, way if made available. The outcome would not be “the answer” but simply and sufficiently the input for the next logical follow-on. If such a scientifically aligned process could be started, scientists could be attracted; grassroots political lobbying could then point to realistic funding opportunities that a representative or senator would want to vote for and praise at the next election as his or her contribution to the proper needs and wishes of the public. Even if the UFO phenomenon should turn out to be deeper than we imagine, even should it prove to rise above science as we know it, the scientific approach is the only feasible way

in the real, political, economic, technological world we live in to give us some chance to control our dealings with this phenomenon, rather than letting the phenomenon entirely control us?if it might be. Is it too much to think that the government could be using UFO’s as a decoy for something else they’re hiding? Approaching this scientifically, this research could also prove to be a hoax. Only time will tell us what the truth really is.