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support their claims of tyranny. The third and final section of the reading was written in the response to trying to classify the Incan type of government using modern governmental and economical terms. Louis Baudin in the first reading tries to prove that the Incan government was socialistic in nature. Though he argues his point and shows how the Incan empire was in essence socialist in nature it is, as Alfred M?traux says in the final article of the reading, unjust to assign any kind of modern European label to a society that evolved separately from the Europeans. Just because it resembles socialism, an ideology that was created in 19th century Europe, does not mean that it can be labeled. The government of the Incas was created through natural evolution, and it cannot be

labeled by something that was created in the mind of some European that lived 200 years after the empire was destroyed. This reading was an excellent collection of articles, because it presented seven different views of the Incan empire. It does a good job of trying to idealize the Incas, justify their conquest by the Spanish, and label their government using modern terms. In retrospect, it is easy for us to look back at history and study it, but it is always a necessity to learn from what we study. If there is one thing to learn from the European conquest of the America’s, it is that destroying a race of beings and their culture is an injustice to the conquered, and the conquerors.