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Types Of Teachers Essay, Research Paper Teachers A teacher could simply be defined as one who teaches, or an individual who imparts information or skill to a person. Different types of teachers have different methods of passing on their knowledge. All teachers have different types of responsibilities and are capable of educating a certain number of students in order for them to learn it more easily. Teachers could be classified into many divisions, but some of the main types of teachers are tutors, instructors, professors, supervisors, and advisors. A tutor is a person charged with the instruction and guidance of another as a private teacher. His work is to teach or guide individually in a special subject or for a particular purpose. He can also be referred to as a coach,

since he gives individual attention by instruction. This type of a teacher can give individual attention to his pupil. An instructor is one that instructs. He is a college teacher below professorial rank. An instructor can conduct classes through lectures or by demonstration and practical work. His task is to teach individuals and classes with the use of a developed curriculum. He also evaluates learners at regular intervals and keeps accurate records of their attendance and progress. An instructor is usually required to report regularly to a supervisor. A professor is a university teacher of the highest rank. He teaches generally through lectures and giving lengthy speeches on particular subjects and topics. A professor is a certified teacher who has received a degree in a

particular field of education. A supervisor is a person who is in charge of a school unit and monitors the project in the field. This supervision could be carried out through the following: making regular visits at least twice a month, sitting in classes for observation of teaching methods, keeping records and updating statistics, preparing examinations and tests, and identify problems together with teacher and students in order to find possible solutions. His responsibility is to train teachers and give them instructions on how to educate and instruct. An advisor is a person who recommends, teaches, or otherwise helps the student body. He is also known as a guide, and his task is to direct, supervise, or influence individual students. He advises students and conducts their

course of life. An advisor helps students decide what field of education to chose, what subjects to select, and how to go about realizing their educational goals. These classifications do not, however, cover up all types of teachers. Other types of teachers include lay teachers, guides, gurus, pundits, facilitator?s etc. Teachers can also be classified according to the qualities they possess: strict, friendly, partial, fair etc.; their subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, Psychology etc.; and the grade they are teaching: kindergarten, high school, college etc.