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which the people hold the ruling power either directly or through elected representatives; rule by the ruled. Democracy was defined by united states president Abraham Lincoln as Government of the people, by the people , for the people (World book Encyclopedia). In a democratic system , people take action in all political activities, either directly or indirectly. Since most of the countries that practice democracy are very big countries , then most of them use the indirect democracy system . In an indirect democracy , the people elect a certain number of people to represent them, and make the laws. democratic governments allow the participation of all the citizens because , according to them , majority rules . People are guaranteed freedom and equal rights . The only time in

which a democratic country may temporarily adapt cruel punishment is during times of war. Ralph, a tall, blond twelve year old, establishes himself as the leader of the boys when he blows the conch shell to call the first assembly. Throughout the story, he struggles to maintain order, forced to compete with Jack for respect. Ralph’s name, derived from the Anglo-Saxon language, means “counsel.” Ralph is somewhat energetic and is chosen for chief, who makes it his job to lay down rules and try to organize a society. Throughout the novel he is always in conflict with Jack, who wants to be chief himself. Alth Ralph never reaches the understanding about the Beast that Simon does, he knows right from wrong.Since the beginning Ralph wanted to create a society in which all of them

will take part in the decision making and creating rules to be obeyed. I agree with Ralph. We ve got to have rules and obey them (Golding 42). By using different characters the author was able to show different types of people found in our society. Their true selves were exposed in the freedom from adult supervision. Under the rulers that jack lived, his real evil was kept secretly. But when the rules no longer existed, he was free to do whatever he wanted and desired. Ralph had grown up with rulers of a civilized world, that the changes they had were difficult for him to understand. Lord of the Flies understating of evil is such that it shows through symbolism, to remind the natural condition of man and which is illustrated the influence of authoritarian in jack character as in

the manifestations of Nazi regression .However, It also shows Ralph interpretation of democracy in a set of rulers in which everyone participates.