Two Gentleman Of Verona Essay Research Paper

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Two Gentleman Of Verona Essay, Research Paper Two Gentleman of Verona Two Gentlemen of Verona, directed by Mr. Wolfe, depicted an excellent plot through strong acting and characterization. In addition it possessed humor that perfectly affixed into the era of the sixties. The play was transformed from it’s original time era and placed in the sixties. The main plot outline surrounds two gentleman from Verona who were best friends. These two best friends named Valentine and Proteus were played by Geoffrey Kidwell, and Noah Silverman. The story really begins when Valentine leaves Verona. He is then banished from the next city he enters, Milan. During his time spent in Milan Valentine falls in love with a young women, Sylvia, played by Katie Moran. However he is torn away from

her when he is banished. Then Proteus, his best friend, betrays him. Proteus persues Sylvia, although he already has a fianc?e, Julia, played by Stephanie Nealy. Proteus experiences true loneliness when he is rejected by Sylvia and dumped by fianc?e. Julia rides off with Speed, a servant/messenger of Valentine, played by Ronald Del Castillo. Thus the moral and theme of the story surrounds the idea of friendship and betrayal. Ronald Del Castillo, Speed, had very good vocal choices. He played a messenger/servant who was always on the run. Speed used a bicycle or rolerblades, to give the effect of constant movement. Thus, he rapidly talked like he acted, to demonstrate his sense of chaos and lack of control. His physical and vocal choices showed he was a messenger or servant and was

always on the move needing to be somewhere. His choices definitely were very effective. The next character had some opposite and alike characteristics but also effectively fulfilled his character. Thomas Odell, who played Launce, was Proteus’s servant. His character was somewhat quaint, but was very funny. He had a lot of curved physical choices, like his walk. He always had a sense of bewilderment on his face. He was always walking around, almost as if he was lost, and tangled up with his leash from his dog. His vocal and physical choices completely fulfilled his character in showing he was a bewildered and chaotic servant. The first costume that was very effective was worn by Katie Moran, Sylvia. It was almost as though she was a Marilyn Monroe look a like. Her costume

consisted of a blonde wig on and a brightly colored dress. The dress she wore was a red shiny dress. This dress make her look sexy in order to draw attention to her. When she came on stage she caught your eye. Her dress didn’t really have a time and setting effect but, it was very important. It made her a very important character and a wanted character by everyone in the play. This, is the reason that Valentine and Proteus fell in love with her. The Director’s concept of this costume was to make this character very significant and it was efficiently achieved by giving her a bright costume. The next costume was that of Thomas Odell, who played Launce, a servant of Proteus. His costume was like Sylvia’s. It had bright colors but they were peculiar. His costume consisted of

purple, orange and yellow colors. He wore unique shirts and a Hawaiian looking shirt. He also wore a straw hat and his nose was covered with zinc. This costume was almost portraying him as a tourist. I don’t know if that was the Mr. Wolfe was trying to get across or if he was showing us that this character was a uncanny and unusual character that didn’t really know were he was going. In addition to his costume he had a dog. The dog symbolized confusion and chaos by creating more cluster because he kept on getting tangled in the leash while trying to carry the briefcases. His costume made it seem like it was always daytime. Mr. Wolfe’s concept definitely was qualified for the character and gave it a funny twist. The first setting begins at the beach. That is where the play