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having placed Alonso and Gonzalo in a state of drowsiness although invisible begins to talk to them. Saving Alonso’s life through singing into sleeping Gonzalo’s ear “While you here do snore lie,/ Open-ey’d conspiracy/His time doth take./ If of life you keep a care,/ Shake off slumber, and beware;/Awake, awake!” (II, ii, l 295-300). This is bewildering to Antonio and Sebastian how just as they prepared to destroy the soul of the King of Naples and take over, Gonzalo awakens speaking of hearing a voice. The mysteriousness of the island continues as their search for Ferdinand whom is off under a love smell of Ariel and Prospero. In approaching Ariel Gonzalo, knowing not what to expect of this native of the island questions his sanity saying “If in Naples/ I should

report this now, would they believe me?/ If I should say, I saw such islanders-/ For, certes, these are people of the island-/ Who, though they are of monstrous shape, yet, note,. Their manners are more gentle, kind, than of/ Our human generation you shall find/ Many, nay, almost any.(III, iii, l 32-38). As they continue to strive about this isolated enchanted island although what they are seeing and hearing items which are real it seems to be unreal to them. As if they are dreaming and together they will awaken back in Naples. Although knowing what they are experiencing is true each of their steps seem to be a mystery to them wondering what t is that they should aspect to view or hear. As they see and hear the words and actions of the invisible Ariel as she follows the command

to Prospero. Together Ariel and Prospero through the sheltering of Miranda and the magical events performed on Alonso, Gonzalo, and others add a sense of mystery to the island. Miranda’s naiveness and lack of knowledge of the world outside of her island adds mystery to her lives once she encounters someone whom is not from the island, Ferdinand. The others having been brought aboard this island find mystery in the words spoken in the air, the dangerous events through which they remain safe.