Two birches on the hill

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Two birches on the hill Волынец Кристина. Школа №3, Миоры, Витебская область, Беларусь My attitude to life and all surrounding people has changed after reading a very fascinating book. My grandmother gave me this wonderful book as a present for my 10th birthday. Four years has already passed but I still remember every line of the book called “Two birches on the hill”. It was written by Tatiana Polikarpova, who graduated from Kazan University. This book is about a girl, Dasha by name, who came to the village of Penky to study in a new school. A new school, new friends, new teachers and new adventures…All events described in the book took place during the Great Patriotic War, when the inhabitants of the village hadn`t

returned from the front yet and the life was very difficult. Though Dasha was not a sociable girl, she made a lot of friends. There were many different thoughts, emotions and feelings in Dasha’s head and soul. The girl seldom thought about herself, she constantly thought about other people’s problems and always tried to help them. Dasha had warm feelings towards her classmate Alexei, who didn’t behave well at school and was just a hooligan. The book passes through the author’s soul and describes the young girl`s overwhelming emotions. At the end of the book Dasha and Alexei told about their feelings to each other. Soon the inhabitants of the village exclaimed: "victory! We have won!". The main character of the book, young girl Dasha, taught me to value peace and

simple things in our life, appreciate such great feelings as friendship and first love, be good and helpful towards surrounding people. I got to know about the life of common people before and during the war. Their life before the war was quiet and happy. But the war changed everything completely.Dasha dreamt of the victory, returning from the front as many people as possible, she also dreamt of a new peaceful life. Coming to her native place at weekends was real happiness for Dasha.She was afraid of breaking the silence of the wood and she could listen to the sounds of a roaring river for hours. The health of her relatives was Dasha’s main life’s value. So, Dasha gives us a good example to follow. Her life principles and attitude to life and other people are very valuable to

a modern young generation. Today you could hardly meet such a person like Dasha! She is really great and unique! You see, the book taught me to be kind, patient and helpful to other people. I lost my night’s sleep over while reading this book. The book is so marvelously well-written that I couldn’t put it aside. No doubt, «Two birches on the hill” went deeply into my heart and soul and even moved me to tears. So, the book is really worth reading. Моё мировоззрение и отношение ко всему окружающему поменялось при прочтении одной очень увлекательной книги. Эту книгу мне подарила бабушка на моё десятилетие. Прошло уже четыре

года, а я до сих пор помню каждую строчку. Это книга называется "Две берёзы на холме", написанная выпускницей Казанского университета Татьяной Поликарповой. Эта книга о девочке Даше, которая приехала в село Пеньки учиться и поселилась на чужой квартире. Новая школа, новые друзья, новые учителя и новые приключения... Все действия происходят в военное время, когда многие ещё не вернулись с войны, а условия жизни были очень