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Twenty Yard Line Essay, Research Paper The Twenty-yard line Bob was a jock. He was extremely huge. He looked like Grizzly Adams in a bad mood on steroids. His whole life was football. All year round he practiced football. He ran two miles and lifted weights for two hours every day just to stay in shape. When he stood on the field, you could tell people were scared. When he collided with other players the sound traveled to the top of the stadium. It was the first day of school and Bob was ready for the football season to start. He was bigger and stronger than last year. When it came to practice he would sometimes not wear pads to become tougher. The first game of the season was over and Bob played amazing. He started at running back and linebacker. He scored five touchdowns

and rushed for over 350 yards. He broke the school record for number of sacks in one game. The previous record was five sacks in one game, Bob got ten. No one could believe how good he was. The next game was against their biggest rival. This was Bob’s most important game and he would do anything to win. The other team also had a star player like Bob. They both brought great amounts of talent and excitement to their respective teams. It was time for the game to begin and both teams were ready to play. The game started and the Bombers, Bob’s team, were on defense. The other team had the ball on their twenty-yard line. It was the first play of their drive when it all happened. The ball was snapped and it was a run to the outside. Bob had himself locked on the other teams star

player who was coming around the backfield with the ball. He was running at full speed just as Bob was. They both met at the line of scrimmage. Their heads smashed. The noise was so loud that everyone in the stadium turned quickly to see what had happened. Some fans even thought it was the sound of a gunshot. Each player flew in the opposite direction from which they were coming. The fans oooooo’d and aaaaaa’d and cheered as though they had won the game. No one could believe what they had just seen. All of a sudden a wave of silence hit the stadium. Not a single person spoke. Neither Bob nor Tyson, the other star player, moved. They lay there as if they were dead. Time was passing and at least ten minutes had gone by, and still neither player had moved an inch. Surprisingly

there was movement and Bob moved his leg, then his arm, then his head, and he slowly started to get up. It took a couple minutes for him to be helped off the field. People cheered for him because he was OK. Tyson, the other player, still lay on the ground without moving a muscle. The ambulance came and he immediately taken to the hospital. From that point on the rest of the game was very slow and methodical. Everyone went through the motions, but no one showed any energy or enthusiasm. After the game, everyone went home instead of the usual parties and celebrations. This was Bob’s last year and he didn’t want to get injured because he wanted to get a college scholarship for football. Bob could not take his mind off the idea that it could be him in the Hospital rather than

Tyson. It turned out that Tyson was in a coma, and was not in good shape. The next game Bob played, but he wasn’t the Grizzly Adams on steroids like before. He wasn’t hitting people hard, and he would fall before anyone was able to hit him. The next six games were this way and the Bombers lost every game. Bob always went to the hospital to visit Tyson, even though he was in a coma. He felt like he owed him that much. About seven weeks after the injury had happened, Bob went to see Tyson. It seemed just like every other visit, however this time when Bob approached the bed Tyson opened his eyes. Bob was frightened and called for the nurse. Tyson was coming out of his coma. Bob’s past seven weeks were very hard on him, because he could only think of Tyson in the hospital.