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Twelve Angery Men (juror 5) Essay, Research Paper Twelve Angry Men Imagine yourself in a small and hot jury room. You fell out of place and want to get out of this as fast as possible. This is juror five?s point of view from Twelve Angry Men. He is a naive and a very frightened young man. In the next few paragraphs you will learn. where he grew up, what his internal conflict is (he was patronized all his life) and how he overcomes it. You will also learn how his internal conflict represents his verdict. Juror five is a man who grew up in the slums. He would be a big help to the case if he were to speak up. He?s a quiet man who is very serious. He presents himself as a very calmly person. In the movie you can see that he has a lot on his mind. It might be personal, or it might

be about the case. He believes the boy reminds him of himself, and defends the kid in a second. Juror fives internal conflict is that he was bullied and patronized all his life. He is scared for that fact. He seems to be tough on the out side, but on the inside he?s very fragile. In the beginning of this story juror five tends to lets things slide. Towards the end of the story he begins to feel more comfortable and stands up to his fears and even fights back. You can obviously see a change of personality. He?s a type of man who isn?t looking for trouble or a fight, but if it comes his way he?s the first to get into it. Juror five overcame his internal conflict by being strong and facing his fears. As I said before,? Towards the end of the story juror five spoke up and defended

the kid as if it were himself he were defending.? To be honest, I really don?t know why he suddenly decided to overlook his problems and speak his mind. He might have thought that nobody defended him when he was growing up and thought it would help him overcome his internal conflict by helping the kid. Juror five?s verdict changed throughout the story from guilty to not guilty. The reason he changed his verdict is, because he thought there was a reasonable doubt. He listened to fact and reasons, the facts made his verdict guilty. The reasons made his verdict not guilty. He listened to both. His final verdict depended on how he felt about the boy. Juror five knows what the kid is going through. He went through a similar situation, I?m not saying he killed or has been accused of

killing someone, but he shares a bond with the boy that no one else has ?They both come from the slums.? At the end of this case, its not the boy?s life the jury changed. It was juror five?s life they changed. Juror five may not know this but it is true. He overcame his internal conflict, he finally stood up for himself, and will never know it! He also feels good about himself and feels important to society.