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point Feste makes is that Olivia is a “fool” to mourn for a person whose soul is in heaven. Adding to the wit of this play, Feste dresses up as Sir Topaz, the curate, and pays a visit to the imprisoned Malvolio. There, he uses his wit to exploit Malvolio, calling him a “lunatic” and “satan.” All the while, Malvolio is completely unaware of who he is actually talking to. Comical is the fact that Olivia, unknowingly, falls in love with another woman. There is such a mix-up of identities in this play, that the reader is never bored or desirous of excitement. Olivia is in love with Viola, while Viola declares her love for Orsino time and again. When Orsino first sends Cesario (Viola) to act as a messenger of his love for Olivia, Viola says, ? I?ll do my best to woo your

lady; [aside] yet, a barful strife! Whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife.? Near the end of the play, when all tricks and treacheries are exposed and masks removed, Orsino transfers his copious love to Viola. He first relieves her from duty to him, and then declares that she shall now be her ?master’s mistress.? Olivia, analogously, winds up inadvertently marrying Viola?s twin brother Sebastian. In short, the ?fools? control the comedy and humor in this play. They lend a hand in the make believe games, and fool around with the characters who dodge reality, or rather apprehend a fantasy world. The roles of Feste, Maria, and Sir Toby are those of ?fools,? and they make the comedy work in many aspects. They create confusion through humor, and it all works out in the end,

making William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night a genuinely humorous play.