Tv Violence In America Essay Research Paper

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Tv Violence In America Essay, Research Paper When a normal person watches a TV show, they do not go out and commit a violent act the next day. The content of violence on TV should not be reduced. TV violence should stay because people are not required to watch TV, because the United States remains a free country, and because children are smart enough to distinguish between fantasy and reality. People have the power to watch TV when they want to. Nobody is forced to observe a violent scene when it happens on TV. Humans have the right to choose, and the choice includes watching a nonviolent show. Instead of watching NYPD Blue , someone could choose to watch Seinfeld . If a person witnesses they also can change. One click on a remote control, and someone can change the channel

on the violent show. Lastly, if someone can not stand violent TV shows, they can simply not watch TV at all. All these rights and choices are here because we live in a free country. The heated debates concerning TV violence mostly take place in the United States. Being a citizen means one lives in a free country. There every citizen has many rights. One right deals with the freedom to express oneself. If someone wants to make a violent TV show, they have the right to do it. If someone wants their profession to be involved in violent TV shows they can. The U.S allows one to choose any job. Getting rid of violent TV shows would put people out of business. This country also includes freedom of discrimination. Banning violent shows would obviously comprise an act of discrimination.

With all these discussions about violence, children often come to mind. When people, especially children see gratuitous violence on TV, it does not affect them. For example, when a child witnesses Wil. E. Coyote get smashed by an anvil; children view this as funny, yet they know not to try this in real life. On a different level, if a child watches a violent shootout scene on TV, they are smart enough to acknowledge that this too involves fantasy. Children and adults alike demonstrate a high intellect which proves not to be effected by TV violence. Any sane person would not go out and commit an act of violence after watching a fake scene on TV. A reduction of violence on TV would not accomplish anything because it really does not affect anyone in the first place. The content on

TV today, which some may deem violent, should not be reduced. First, TV should not be changed because no requirement exists that would force people to watch. Secondly, the United States remains a free country, where censorship and banning are not allowed. Lastly, children and adults alike know a violent scene on TV proves to be fiction, not fact. More focus should be left on the adults that allow their kids to watch the so-called violent shows, rather then attack the industry that produces them.