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responsibility. Nevertheless, corruption from television does occur in other countries. When television was introduced in Canada, researchers saw an immediate change in crime rates. This change continued to occur causing crime rates to grow one hundred percent in twenty-five years. This change was monitored so closely because of the change when television was introduced in the United States (Barry 216). Finally, and most importantly, children act out what they like or what is amusing to them. One potentially harmful television show is the series Beavis and Butt-head . The best-known incident involving Beavis and Butt-head was reported in October, 1993, when an Ohio woman said that her five-year-old son set a fire that killed his two-year-old sister after watching Beavis and

Butt-head set fires on their television show (Judge 67). Because this particular episode had good ratings, it stayed on the air. Another example is the variety of pro wrestling programs. Children act out the moves and get hurt in fake matches. They also repeat profanity and obscene gestures displayed by the wrestlers. As a result of the mimicking nature displayed by children in beginning learning stages, television has proved to be harmful. Television can be a harmful source of entertainment, and is an unreliable source for teaching. Parents concerned with this issue should establish a position, and understand the possible results. The obvious flaws in the American television system are why television habits and programming should be monitored.