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Turtle Island Essay, Research Paper Turtle Island, Fiji Turtle Island is one of the many islands in Fiji. Many say that it is the most magical island there also. Turtle Island the Resort, is five star, and a perfect place to spend your honeymoon, or a special event. Though it may be expensive, it is worth it, it is one of those vacations that you will remember for the rest of your life. Turtle Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including the Blue Lagoon. The people that work at Turtle Island are very kind and helpful; they want to make sure that your stay there is the best experience that it could possibly be. ?Everyone who leaves Turtle Island, leaves with a smile on their face and a million memories in their heart? says the staff at Turtle Island.

While preparing for your trip to Turtle Island, they suggest that you bring ?cool, casual, and comfortable? clothes. They also suggest that you bring comfortable shoes for walking, hiking, biking, or jogging. Since you will be so close to the equator plenty of sunscreen and a hat would help shield you from the sun?s rays. The weather in Fiji is warm and pleasant without extreme heat. Usually the temperatures average 87?F, November-April, and a bit cooler May through October. When you stay at Turtle everything is on a first name basis. Before you come the staff will request to know what you would like to be called, so they can know your name when you arrive. Turtle Island wants to make sure your ?travel planning? is as easy as it could possibly be, that’s why they would advise

you to let them arrange your flights. During your stay at Turtle Island, you will stay in one of fourteen bures. These bures are handcrafted by Fijian craftsmen. Your two-room bure is right on the beach of the incredible Blue Lagoon. Each comes with its own separate sitting room. The sitting room includes comfortable rattan chairs and couches with a full wet bar and a refrigerator stocks with your favorite beverages and an icemaker. Grand Bures have a king size four poster bed, a vast dressing room, a private ?Hot Springs? jetted spa tub, walk in double shower, double vanity, hand-crafted hardwood furniture, an outdoor shower and outdoor verandah with queen size daybed. Deluxe Bures have a queen size four poster bed, two full baths, a rattan furnished sitting room and writing

desk. All Bures have hairdryers, CD players, tea and coffee making facilities, toiletries, irons and ironing boards. Turtle Island also has a magnificent menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has all kinds of foods from freshly caught lobster to pumpkin chutney with curry sauce. They have a daily menu witch always consists of fresh lobster or some sort of fresh seafood. Also there is a menu for picnics, which has a more common list of food choices, such as chili and ceasar salad. Also the people at Turtle would like to know if you have any special needs, such as dietary or medical requirements. Let them know when you make your reservations, and they will do everything possible to accommodate your personal needs. One of the most beautiful things at Turtle Island is its ?14

naturally occurring palm fringed beaches.? Most of the beaches are lined with high rocky hills, or volcanic rock, that make it seem like you are in your own private paradise. The Turtle Island staff wants to make sure that you know that your time on Turtle is your own. For instance, whether you want to stroll on the beaches, swim in the turquoise waters, or just swing on a hammock gazing into the beautiful sunset, is entirely up to you. Turtle Island is quiet and secluded, and it is ideal for a picnic on the beach. What is there to do on Turtle Island? Well Turtle is equipped with many fun and memorable activities, such as, scuba diving, snorkeling, deep-sea sports fishing, and fly fishing. Turtle is a superb place for scuba divers. The water is very clear so you can see