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‘Pacey’s’ on Twelfth Street across from the Starlight Room. Kathy had some exotic dish that I couldn’t even begin to pronounce. I wasn’t all that hungry and ordered only a salad. We both drank from a bottle of Chardonnay but naturally Kathy didn’t drink much because she was driving. At around eight thirty we left and she dropped me off here. Satisfied?” “Well now that you have had the time to think about it, I’m sure what you’ve told me is true.” “You are absolutely incorrigible tonight. How do you expect to have a mature conversation about this when you start using snide remarks like that? I don’t need to hear of this any longer. It’s absurd and I’m tired. I am going to bed and I expect to hear no more of this by morning.” A last ditch effort on

her part. She felt the tensions rising and could handle it no longer. She always found some way to set her foot down in the end or sneak in a final word, leaving me the loser of every argument and her the victor. But this time it was I who had my foot raised like a gavel, poised to drop at any moment and cast its judgement. I would not let her get away with this. I called, revealing the hand I held all this time: “Joseph spoke to me yesterday.” She froze. “You haven’t spoken to your brother in over a year.” “I know.” “Well, what did he have to say?” “What do you think he said? He felt guilty as hell for what he had done. So he came clean. He called me after you left his place last night. I wasn’t surprised in the least” She said nothing. She didn’t have

to. Instead, an odd expression crossed her face, one that I had never seen on her in the fourteen years that I had known her. It was puzzling at first, almost paradoxical. Then it hit me, in a satisfying wave of realization. Somewhere in the back of my mind echoed a word that connected the expression on her face with the now painstakingly obvious feeling inside of her. Defeat.