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anything (Zink). Morrie would greatly disagree with this type of person even though he would agree there are a lot of people out there like this. Morrie is a huge supporter of questions. He believes there is always a question to be asked and says you can never ask to many questions. The third level of humaness is called the nihilist level. This type of person challenges every set of values, accepts nothing, and finds fault with everything. They are the type of people who overcome everyone and every idea other people have (Zink class notes). Morrie would agree with this type of persons attitude. He would like that they challenge everything with their own ideas and that they just don’t sit back and do whatever someone else says. He would also disagree with the persons attitude

about wanting to rule everything and that they would ruin any ideas that someone else had. The fourth level according to DeBeavoir is called the adventurer. The adventurer is the type of person who is absorbed in action. This person will be a part of everything that comes along but there will be no meaning or content behind the persons action. These types of people always let you know they are there and seem to be independent but are really dependent on the action (Zink class notes). Morrie would totally disagree with this type of person. He would agree with them wanting to be involved with everything but he would want them to be genuine and put feeling into their actions. The last level is Passionate, which is explained as the person who is always looking for the answer. This

type of person is the person who always wants more, they seek possessions but are never fulfilled (Zink). Morrie would want to help this person, he would want to answer their questions and help them find their answers. He would agree with their need to find their answer and that they always want more, always get the most out of life. To summarize this paper I agree with Morrie and his view of human nature and his philosophy of life. I think you should always value family and friends more than material things. You should also live life to the it’s fullest and share your thoughts with others because you never know when you or the other person might not be around anymore. As for adding anything to Morrie’s ideas, I don’t think I would. Morrie’s philosophy would be a good one

to live by and the main point to remember would be you never know when the person you care about will be gone. So tell them how you feel about them and share your knowledge with everyone that you can.