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his weapons in his quest for power prove to be more powerful than just words. These mere words cause the banishment of his brother, the blindness and eventual death of his father and the deaths of Goneril and Regan and in the end, his own death. Edmund caused a downfall of a kingdom in his quest to rule it with hate and dishonesty. Edmund, Goneril and Regan destroyed their lives, their country and their families all by disguising their true intentions with false words that did not come close to expressing their true feelings. They used words to hide their hate and greed for love and loyalty while disturbing the natural order of power and family. They abused their power and the trust other characters put into them for they manipulated people to thing that they were different

people than they really were. There was a strong sense of the importance of words and vows in this play, but the lesson it teaches you are not to take things a face value. Language originally came about so that people could communicate their feelings and emotions to each other, this is a privilege given to us and when it is abused, as it was in King Lear it can only lead to bad consequences. If eyes are the doorway to our soul then words are the key to understanding others and when we a dishonest we not only hurt those around us we also hurt ourselves.