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Truth About Sex Essay, Research Paper Truth about sex In the beginning, people repressed sex because they were scared of the truth around it. The church, mainly, transformed the beautiful act of making love into a cultural taboo. Because of its repression, sex could never have been talked about in a objective, and truthful manner. This type of false teaching, if any teaching, of sex, led to many disillusionments and myths concerning it. Many problems with sex that society now faces stemmed from no education about it. “It would be less than exact to say that the pedagogical institution has imposed a ponderous silence on the sex of children and adolescents (p.59).” The repression of sex led to a perversion of it. If people could not live out their sexual desires and

fantasies, they would act them out within their minds. I am not saying at all, that sexual desires and wants are bad. Like anything, there are degrees of morality, even when it comes to the thoughts in one’s own head. Nevertheless, when there are no limits on one’s sexual fantasies, sexuality, in my opinion, is liable to reach a perverse and oppressive state. I hope I am correct in saying that around the time of the seventeenth century, the society began to liberate itself from the church. Even still, sexual liberty was small, and a “non-ethical” (meaning non- conservative) discourse on sex was prohibited. This type of regard to sex was also true in the eighteenth century. By the nineteenth century, sexual propaganda was created and fed to the people. One memorable time

period that transformed society’s views on sex, was the feminist movement in the 60’s and 70’s. Sexual images were allowed to be seen outside of the privacy of one’s home, even more so than before, which in my mind, is a symbol of a new sexual freedom most people had access to. Of course the feminist movement carved the way for women’s liberty, however, I am sure there were many negative affects that also followed. For instance, I could see how some people might have used the movement as an opportunity to unmask the female body for outside viewing. With the starting of women becoming more comfortable and proud of their bodies, it was accepted and understood that women would also be viewed in a much more chauvinistic, sexist, degrading, and animalistic manner. The

acceptance of such an unequal treatment as sexism, reaffirms that men not only will, but also have the right to, mistreat and disrespect women in whatever way they like. I am not saying that this type of behavior and mentality did not always exist, in fact I am sure it did, however, I feel that it was not until the 5o’s and onward that people began to openly admit to it. In the 80’s the epidemic of AIDS was discovered, as well as one of the most common methods of procreating the disease: homosexuality. It was the climax of sexual boundaries and taboos to be broken. The media was becoming overly fascinated with “kinky” sex and sex without love, to the point that sex took on a totally new symbolism in society. As we can now see in the 90’s, sexual obscurities have

increased, as well as the chances of getting raped, and receiving a sexually transmitted disease. My generation is receiving the outcome of past generation’s sexual mistakes and unhealthy choices. In present time, every one out of four women will get raped, while every one out of six men will get raped. Also, the chances of receiving AIDS are more than that of getting into a car accident. With problems like over population, rape, and sexually transmitted diseases, alternatives to sex are needed more than ever. Personally, I will not believe that modern society wants to stop sexism and racism until I see a change in the types of propaganda, advertising, and choice of media, society chooses to express itself with. Some people might say that it is the 90’s and things have