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support his claim of the evil human nature. No one thing can be all evil or entirely anti-good. Many things can be usually bad or mostly considered bad, but there is some good to be found in everyone. One should not be mistaken, though, that anything or anyone could be all good either. All people, actions, and things have the potential to be neutral. This can easily be sustained. It can also be tipped to favor good or bad, but nothing is purely one or the other. As shown above, Golding has a misguided view of all humans being bad. This cannot be, for nothing can be entirely good or bad. When considering this, one must also remember that each individual had his own consciousness, thus has the ability to choose. This also applies to good and bad actions. If one does mostly good

actions, they might be considered good. If one does mostly bad actions, they might be considered bad. This should be kept in mind when thinking about human nature, rather than some twisted concept of everyone being uncontrollably bad.