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grit would charge at several robbers at once, armed with only two pistols, getting his horse and self shot up, then climbing a hill to the edge of a pit, slide down amidst the rattlers, pull out a girl, hike her and himself up on a pony and bolt toward a fort, miles away, spurring the pony to death, then running with the girl on his back until happening upon another means of transportation and forcefully taking it, and beat another few miles back until help can be acquired. Both the men showed incredible determination. Showing persistence in the face of adversity is a valiant quality found only in those truly determined. I believe this would suffice to be the predominant theme of both The Old Man and the Sea and True Grit. The old man was going to break his streak of eighty-four

days without catching a fish. He didn t care what the cost. He set out deeper than usual in his small skiff and did the impossible. He claimed from the sea a great fish. Sure, the sea claimed most of the fish back, but he broke his streak. Mattie did what she set out to do. She killed Tom Chaney, avenging her father s death, and with his pistols to boot. She showed strength and courage, even for a girl, and was a finisher. Both novels progressed in the same fashion. Both novels portrayed courageous characters overcoming obstacles. Both novels shared a theme, trite as it may be, it sums up the majority of what progressed in the two works. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything.