True Colors Of Personalities Essay Research Paper

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True Colors Of Personalities Essay, Research Paper In high school my school participated in the true colors program. We would have a week of activities were each day pertained to a certain color?s personality. On gold day we would clean up around the school and community, on blue day everybody had to make a point to do something nice for somebody else, on green day we would play trivia games, and on orange day we would have field day were the classes competed against each other. The last time I was tested my colors were blue, orange, gold and my last color was green. Today when we did it my order had changed. Now they are blue, green, gold, and last orange. That showed me that by my orange and green changing places that now I am more likely to think things over before acting

instead of being more spontaneous. By knowing myself can help me relate with other people. If I can understand the differences of how I think and how they think it will help me relate with them. If I understand that a gold person needs organization and dependability, or I realize that a orange person is a risk taker and impulsive I would know how to work with them better and be more productive. Just the same I need to know what I have to have to survive peacefully. I know for me to be happy I have to be striving for something at all times or working toward a goal, but at the same time I realize that I have standards that i can not overlook in reaching those goals. I enjoyed learning in class about each of the different kinds of people and how they act. I had read all the

information before but had never really paid any attention to it. It was interesting to realize how true those descriptions relate to me. I understood things about myself that I had never really thought about. All of my scores were close and I can understand why because like the orange person I am competitive, dislike routine, and like testing the limits. I can also relate to green people by being logical, disliking redundancies, and valuing solutions to problems. I can see myself being gold because I like to be thought of as dependable, responsible, and reliable. Most of all though I am blue because I need to have a significance in life, and have cooperation and unity between myself and others. If everyone could understand each other it would make working together easier. For

example if a gold person understands an orange personality they would be more to over look them when they have disagreements because they would know an orange person lives for the day and dislikes routine. Just the same the orange person needs to understand that a gold person needs organization and commitments. By understanding who I am and realizing why other people act like they do can help in me everyday life. Also knowing that people do not choose to be like they are helps me understand their actions, and could help me to overlook them if they may not agree or understand why I would do something that they would not.