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sky. The bright white carton draws the consumers attention to the product. The printing on the carton is clearly visible for identification. The distinct green top exhibits the easy-to-open carton. Once the product has been identified and described by the writing on the carton, the eyes are drawn up to the white text. The word bliss written by itself on one line creates imagery for the audience. Reading the text from left to right moves the attention to the grapefruit that looks as if it were jumping from the grapefruit river. The trail of the grapefruit juice points the eyes down to the other grapefruit and to the green writing surrounding it. The word perfect written by itself also creates imagery for the audience. The focus is then directed up to the other halved grapefruit.

The combination of displaying the side of the carton and the splashes and drops of grapefruit make the advertisement seem three dimensional. The scene with the grapefruits and river catches the readers eye because of the bright colors, and it almost looks as if the entire spectacle is about to come off of the page. The dark tone of the photographic picture also adds to the brightness of the grapefruits. The grapefruit in the woman s glass is colored to associate it with the grapefruit juice at the bottom. The color also catches the consumers attention and forces them to look at the background picture. The outline of the woman draws the focus down to the trail of grapefruit juice, which draws the focus again down. Following the straw down to the grapefruit also leads the focus

back to the product. The words Tropicana and Grapefruit are written in larger font to make the consumer remember the product. If they can remember the brand name and the type of juice, the advertisement will be effective. The text written above and below the carton is written in different colors to make it more visible. The white writing shows a clear contrast against the photographic picture. At the same time, the green text at the bottom is distinctly visible against the grapefruit juice. The overall direction of the advertisement is illustrated by the river, by the direction of the woman and the dog, and by the grapefruits. This technique is used to draw the attention from the outside of the ad to the inside. This advertisement uses many different techniques to try to sell the

product. Some of them are evident, but others are subtle. A common technique found in this ad and many ads is word fogging or doubletalk. This is when the ad uses words that do not give any information about the product. The use of perfect and bliss creates an emotional association with images, but it does not give any information about the product. The combination of these words and the image in the background represent what everyone truly wants out of life. Everyone desires some kind of bliss or happiness, and who would not take pleasure from being perfect? Many people associate a day in the wild, sitting next to a streaming river, with their dog to be the perfect day. A day of relaxation when one forgets of their problems and genuinely enjoys life. This ad also appeals to

status; it tries to prove that the consumers overall attitude and essence of life will improve with the use of this product. The creator of this advertisement did not choose a random person for the photograph. By using ordinary-looking people, consumers can associate with the ad. This is a common technique used in many advertisements called influencing with everyday people. The main point that the creator of the ad is trying to get across is that drinking this grapefruit juice will bring the consumer closer to rapture, but there are many other techniques used. Advertisement is not something that is simply thrown on a page. Advertisements are carefully thought out and if effective will never be forgotten. Advertising is an art of selling hope. Many products sell and guarantee

things that could never be possible. But with the accurate techniques, consumers will believe that anything is possible. 322