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Tropicana Ads Essay, Research Paper The marketing cycle begins with a product that is created to meet a consumer s need. The most important rule in advertising is to know the product and the consumer, because advertisement is an art, and there are many ways to persuade. If an advertisement can reach to the emotions of the consumers, the product is sold. Consumers do not easily forget an advertisement for a product that touches their heart, makes them angry, or produces hysterical laughter. The emotional appeal in the Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice advertisement, found in the March 1999 edition of In Style, sparks the consumers interest by using human vulnerability. The physical appearance of the Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice advertisement is a contrast of a bright

salmon color and a variety of gray-purple tones. At first glance the background of the advertisement appears to be black and white. Just below center of the page is a white carton of Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice tilted slightly towards the right. The carton is floating in a river of salmon grapefruit juice. Tropicana is printed at the top of the carton in green. Below the green text is Pure Premium printed in white in all capital letters on a thick green ribbon. Ruby Red Grapefruit is written in white in all capital letters on a maroon distorted semi-circle closer to the bottom of the carton. The word grapefruit is printed in a larger font. The carton also displays a picture of a grapefruit cut open with juices dripping out from the inside. The grapefruit sits on three

green leaves. The halved grapefruit is placed in the foreground of two whole grapefruits. The carton also mentions some small details about the juice, such as, The Original, Not From Concentrate, and 100% Pure Florida Squeez[ed] Grapefruit Juice, in smaller green text. On the top of the carton is a green screw-on top. Some Pulp is printed in white on a maroon band on the top of the carton. Printed vertically on the top of the carton is Tropicana, Pure Premium, and Ruby Red Grapefruit in a smaller version of the printing on the front of the carton. The same printing as the entire front of the carton is visible on the left side of the carton. Directly above the carton, is written, Bliss. Available by the carton, in white text. To the right of the writing is a cut-open grapefruit

leaping into the air. The grapefruit leaves a trail of grapefruit juice that leads to the river of grapefruit juice. The river appears to be floating to the left. Floating below and to the right of the white carton is a whole grapefruit. A red and white diagonally striped straw is stuck in the right backside of the grapefruit and is titled towards the right. On the left side of the grapefruit printed in green is, Absolutely Pure. On the right side the word Perfect is written also in green. The font of these two statements matches the writing above the carton. Floating on the left side of the carton is another halved grapefruit. This grapefruit is surrounded by a splash of grapefruit juice. In the background of the advertisement is a photographic picture in different tones of

gray-purple and white. The picture is of a middle-aged woman sitting on the rocky shore of a river. The woman faces the left side of the advertisement. The woman is sitting in an Indian-style position with her eyes shut drinking a glass of grapefruit juice. The only color portion of the photographic picture is the salmon colored grapefruit juice in the woman s glass. The woman wears a flannel shirt over a white tee-shirt while leaving her legs bare. Sitting in front of the woman is a golden retriever also facing left. The dog sits contently with its tongue hanging out of its mouth. Behind the woman and the dog is a splashing river. On the far side of the river is a small cliff and various sized rocks covered with trees. At the top of the advertisement, some clouds speckle the