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loose six of my men. He took another long gulp and stepped back. I motioned for my mother to come. She said that she couldn’t wait for me so she took her life. Penelope was waiting for my return. I let her have the blood. We left. EPISODE 4 I set sail for Circe’s Island. She set my course for us. We went forth to a straight ware sirens were singing to lure us to our doom. I told them to bind me to the mast facing them. I then walked up and down laying beeswax heavy on their ears. Before the last person was protected I told them to tighten my binding ropes if I squirm to be freed. And don’t free me no matter what. Like true men they heed my words and did just that. We sailed and rowed on. Upon reaching the middle I heard the loveliest voices. They sang to me about my battles

at Troy and told me to come and they will show me the most splendid site. I yelled let me go let me go! But my men just simply got up and tied me tighter and sat back down nod rowed. We rowed on out of hearing distance. I gave them the signal and they untied me and took the wax off. We made it! EPISODE 5 We sailed for days. We reached the straights of Scylla and Carbides. I was scared. All I told my men was that on one side the monster and on the other is the whirlpool. So I told them to stay in the middle. I didn’t think it was wise to tell them that six of their comrades would die. We sailed din the middle as best we could. All the sudden their was a whoosh and a man was gone in a spray of blood. Then five more sudden whooshes and all six were gone. The men were scared and

didn’t row so I had to force them. They ended up rowing as fast as they could. Then all of the sudden the whirlpool opened up. Now I could see what horror waited for us on that side. I was scared. My men and I mourned the lose of our friends. EPISODE 6 In the early morning we saw birds. We were happy cause that meant land was near. And it was about 8 nautical miles ahead. We sailed for it now hungry correction starving. We set foot on land and raced around looking for food. We found cattle but I was warned about this and ordered my men to not touch it. They did but not willingly. I set of to make offerings to Athena. I fell asleep. When I woke up I had a strange feeling. I ran down to the boat and there was a big cow roasting on the pit. I yelled you betrayed me you idiots you

killed us. I know was on the bad side of the sun god. Well what could I do? We set sail as fast as we could. Everything was fine but the sun god talked Zeus into revenge. The Boat was struck with a white-hot lightning bolt. Our boat was blown to bits. Everyone drowned except for me. I lashed mast and board together and drifted for nine days. I was lucky to pass by Carbides again. I paddled hard to get by. I landed on Calypso’s island. EPISODE 7 I was sent from Calypso to my homeland. Upon reaching it I found out that there was an army of suitors in my palace. I went to my old swineherd who I knew was still faithful to me. I there found my son who did not recognize me. He was complaining about how these suitors were eating him out of house and home. All of his food and wine were

eaten. It was his palace till his father’s return. I just stood there as an old beggar. Then out of know where Athena appeared to me. She took me outside and out of view. She said that your son is still faithful and he wants to get rid of the suitors in the palace. Well then Lets change you. Athena’s wonderful charm put me in new white robes and made me young again. I reentered the house. My son amazed that a man could change into a handsome man believed me to be a god. I told him no I am your father. He didn’t believe me totally.