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the willingness to explore and experiment with sexual intercourse at an early age. They make sex sound fun and exciting. The advertisements lead young adults to believe that premarital sex is acceptable as long as a condom is used. They down play basic morals of life just to make money. Most parents incorporate good judgement and ethics into their children. Nonetheless children now are often rebellious against their parents and any other authority figure. Companies like the Trojan Condoms Company jumped at this opportunity. They target all their advertisements towards these rebellious young adults. Premarital sex has essentially always been treated as wrong by parents, but the advertisers have made teenagers believe physical pleasure is more important than good moral values and

rebellion against parental authority is cool. The Trojan Condoms advertisements are immoral and in some way contribute to the downfall of the youth in today’s society. The misleading advertisements lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy because careful wording and placement of words and phrases in their advertisements misleads most customers making them think that pleasure is a paramount virtue and nothing can happen. Sexual intercourse is not simply for pleasure, and perhaps the Trojan Condom Company needs to “get it on” itself as in getting on with the truth. 323