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promised that he will not be killed till Birnam Wood moves to Dunsinane Hill. We know that Macbeth is delirious at this point and is about to go to war. It is possible that he see the witches as well as the prophecies in an attempt to assure himself that he will be safe. The Malleus Maleficarum states that many were reluctant to carry out the executions of the accused witches. In the mid sixteenth century a physician by the name of Johann Weyer, publicly questioned not the existence of witches, but whether or not the actions of which they were accused of were illusions. Bishop of Cuenca, Fray Lope de Barreintos, remarked that “Nor should anyone believe such an absurd thing that these supposed events really take place, other than in dreams or in the imagination. Anyone who

believes such things is an infidel and worse than a pagan, to judge the way they conceive such thing.” The bishop believed that the accusations and belief that witches really believed did not come from spells or actions that people saw. He knew that people did not truly know what to believe. He was also trying to say that those who simply go along with these witch crazes are worse than the real witches. Macbeth is faced with a major inner conflict. He is not sure whether or not he should kill that king and after Banquo’s death he is tortured. His soul, mind, and heart at being ripped apart because of what he has done. He wants to be sure he will be safe and tries to convince himself that his actions were justified. That is why he sees the witches. He wanted to reassure

himself that what he id was right. According the examples given in the Malleus Maleficarum, we see that the reason people saw witches was to protect themselves from being accused of witchcraft. From this we can see how people would accuse others of being witches as well as why Macbeth would see the three witches. As we can see there is a question as to whether or not witches truly exist. In both cases we can see how there is a doubt to whether the witches are real or just a figment of our imaginations. We may never truly know whether or not people truly believed that witches existed or they began accusing people in fear of their own lives, or perhaps they went along the accusations because everyone else was. Macbeth was not even sure if his premonitions were real. He doubted all

the prophecies that he saw and went along with them mostly because his wife told him to. The existence of witches always has been and always will be in question.