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and chemical warfare, does he not? Terrance:Yes, apparently he does. Phillip:Terrance, get the phone book, we must call every Canadian we can. Terrance:Oh, Phillip, it sounds like you have an idea. Phillip:I do Terrance. Phillip begins dialing the phone. Barky walks by. [Fart] [Laughter] [Canada Stadium - 11:32 A.M.] Game Announcer:And the Rough-Riders are really giving the Roughriders a run for their money. All else aside, I must say that the Rough-Riders are simply outmatched by these Roughriders. The game clock winds down to half-time. The horn sounds. Game Announcer:And that’s going to take us to half-time. Be sure to stick around for the half-time show, Saddam and the Electric Iraqis and a salute to hostile takeovers. A band marches across the field. Terrance:Well, I guess

it’s time old friend. Phillip:Yes, prepare the alert. Saddam:Hello to my Canadian friends. Everybody relax, take a rest, put your feet up ’cause those dogs are barking. The crowd looks about confused. Saddam:You may have noticed some changes to your country. Don’t worry about that, the changes will continue. I’m here to announce once and for all that Canada will now be known as New Baghdad. Kalookh Kalakh! An Iraqi flag is raised in place of the Canadian one. [Gasp] Saddam:You will bow down to me as your ruler. You will obey my laws or you will be killed. [Laughter] Saddam:And now you will sing the Iraqi national anthem, or you will be stabbed in the head. Celine Dion:Shtut malakh shtut, inka inka bruscht. Terrance:Now Phillip? Phillip:Now Terrance. Terrance sounds his

horn. Everybody in the stadium puts on a gasmask. Saddam:Hey, what the hell is this? Celine Dion:Frakh o shtut koolakh koolakh a shtut. Farting takes place on a stadium-wide scale, moons abound. A huge fart cloud envelops the stadium. Iraqi Soldier:They’re using chemical warfare, how could they? Saddam falls off of the stage gasping for breath, then dies. The cloud dissipates. The Iraqi flag falls, one again revealing the Maple Leaf. Terrance:We did it Phillip, we destroyed the Turks. Phillip:Oh, glorious day. Somebody begins kicking Saddam in the head. Another kicks him in the ass, while yet another begins jumping up and down on the corpse. Celine Dion and Ugly Bob remove their gasmasks. Celine Dion replaces the bag on Ugly Bob’s head. A lady rips Saddams arm clean off. A

dude takes his head off. Celine Dion:Terrance, Terrance, you’ve saved Canada. Terrance:Oh, it was all Phillips idea. Ugly Bob:God bless you Phillip. Phillip:Don’t touch me Ugly Bob. Scott:Hey, what the hell happened, you were supposed to be blown up. Phillip:We came up with a better plan. You see Scott, after all your criticism, it was farting that saved Canada. Scott:Oh, that is so juvenile. Terrance:Hey Scott, do you like apples? Scott:Of course. [Fart] Terrance:How do you like them apples? [Laughter] Scott:I hate you Terrance and Phillip!!! Terrance:Oh Celine Dion, you never finished that national anthem. Celine Dion:You’re right Terrance, you’re right. Celine Dion takes the microphone. Celine Dion:O Canada! Canadians:Our home and native land!True patriot love in all

thy sons command.With glowing hearts we see thee rise,The True North strong and free!From far and wide,O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.God keep our land glorious and free!O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. [Fart] [Laughter] The credits roll. South Park Announcer:Who is Cartman’s Father, find out on an all new South Park, in just a few weeks. [fin] Transcribed by Shannon ‘BlackBart’ Greene Copyright ©1998 Comedy Central