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calling him Ugly Bob? Phillip:Because that’s his name you stupid bitch. Celine Dion:You told me your name was Handsome Bob. Terrance:Look at him Celine Dion. Terrance removes the bag from Bob’s head. [Scream] Phillip:Behold, his horrible face. Celine Dion:Oh my God, he’s heinously ugly, and I am pregnant with his child! Terrance:What?!? Noooooo!!!!!! Celine Dion:I’m going to have a freak-baby! Phillip:Oh, the humanity! [Saddam Hussein's Candian H.Q. - 4:03 P.M.] Scott:He Saddam, you helped me get rid of Terrance and Phillip, and I appreciate that. But why are framed pictures of you going up all over Canada? Saddam:Huh, oh that? Don’t worry guy, you just need a rest. Scott:No, I don’t need a rest! I want to know what this is all aboot. Saddam:Hey, relax fella, I’m

just making it so that Terrance and Phillip can never come back to Canada again. I just need a couple of days, then I’m gonna head back to Iran. Scott:I thought you were from Iraq. Saddam:Iran, Iraq, what the hell’s the difference? Relax guy. [Downtown Canada - 4:04 P.M.] Iraqi Soldiers are marching through the streets. [Fart] [Laughter] Terrance:Phillip, I’m convinced that something very, very not good is happening to Canada. Phillip:Yes, I agree whole-fartedly. [Laughter] Scott:Hey, what the hell are you guys doing here? Terrance:Oh, hello Scott. Scott:You’re not supposed to be here. You’re supposed to be in Iran looking for your kidnapped…. Uh, I mean, how are you guys today? Phillip:Wait, what were you saying? Scott:Nothing, why? Terrance:Hey Scott, guess what?

[Fart] [Laughter] Scott:Uh, I hate you more than ever Terrance and Phillip. I absolutely abhor you both. Scott is motioning peculiarly at Terrance and Phillip. Phillip:What are you doing Scott? Scott:I’m wishing cancer upon you. Phillip:Cancer? Scott:That’s right, I’m trying to give you cancer with my mind. Terrance:Ah, stop that. Terrance hides behind Phillip. Phillip:Hey, don’t give me cancer. [Saddam Hussein's Candian H.Q. - 4:05 P.M.] U.S. Soldier:Mr. Hussein, the U.S. Government is becoming worried. Saddam:Worried, aboot what? Take a load off, relax. U.S. Soldier:You seem to be taking over Canada. Saddam:Taking over Canada? Me? Hey, you need a rest fella. I’m not hiding any bombs. U.S. Soldier:We didn’t say anything about bombs. Saddam:Oh. You didn’t? Hey,

relax. U.S. Soldier:We’re giving you just three years to clear your forces out of Canada. After that, we’re going to bomb all of Iran. Saddam:I’m from Iraq. U.S. Soldier:Iran, Iraq, what’s the difference. The U.S. Soldiers leave. Iraqi Soldier:Uh, I hate Americans, please let me kill them! Saddam:No, no, you need to relax guy. Remember the plan; first we take over Canada, then we’ll have the best of the female pop vocalists. After that we’ll take over the U.S., then Europe, then China, then Newfoundland, then the world! [Laughter] Scott:What’s so funny? Saddam:Nothing, relax buddy. Scott:Saddam, Terrance and Phillip are back in Canada. Saddam:Oh, really? Scott:You promised me they’d be gone for good. That was your part of the bargain. Saddam:I changed my mind.

Pray that I don’t change it any further. The Iraqi Soldier chambers a round in his gun. Scott:This deal’s getting worse all the time. [Terrance and Phillips House - 4:06 P.M.] Phillip:Hey Terrance, let’s watch American television. Terrance:Yes, we can get satellite feed from the U.S. and watch all their stupid TV shows. Phillip:Oh look, here’s a show. A Jerry Springer episode is on. Chick:Well fuck you. A fight breaks out. Jerry:Here’s our final slut. [Laughter] Terrance:Stupid. Phillip:God damn their TV shows are lame. Phillip:changes the channel. Mephesto:The father of Eric Cartman is indeed… [Laughter] Phillip:Look at their silly American heads. Terrance:They look like groundhogs. Cartman:He’s my father?!? Phillip changes the channel. CNN Newscaster:And in other

news, it appears that Saddam Hussein has finally signed an agreement to let the U.S. inspect his military operations. When asked if he would uphold his side of the agreement, Hussein replied quote "Hey, relax fella, you need a rest guy." Terrance:Hey Phillip, isn’t that the smelly gentleman we’ve seen in pictures all over town? Phillip:Yes, it is Terrance. According to that newsy he’s some kind of Turkish dictator. Terrance:Well, we can’t just sit here and eat Kroff dinner and let Canada be overrun by the Turks. [Phone ring] [Laughter] Phillip:That fart sounded like a ringing phone Terrance. Terrance:It sure did Phillip. [Phone ring] Terrance:Oh wait, that is the phone. Terrance answers the phone. Terrance:Hello. Scott:Terrance, this is Scott. Terrance:Oh, hey,