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faced with a challenge. Representing the accused O.J. Simpson will be defense lawyer Johnny Cochran, legal legend F. Lee Bailey, and defense lawyer Robert Shapiro. The defense will more than likely have a more difficult time finding reasons to counteract the prosecution evidence. They will also hold heavy on the introduction of reasonable doubt. Other than that the defense has an apparent five concrete items to be brought to attention. 1.) Doubts About DNA ? Science will be a major battleground. The defense will call Nobel laureate Kary Mullis, who invented the procedure for DNA testing, to testify that the samples used by the prosecution were to small to ensure reliable results. But deputy district attorney Lisa Kahn is an expert on DNA testing, and will be expected to counter

such objections (Chua-Eoan 48). 2.) Sloppy Work ? Beginning with the search of the crime scene, where the defense says blood was tracked around by careless investigators, Simpson?s lawyers will try to show police botched their analysis of blood and tissue samples. The defense will produce evidence that blood found under Nicole?s fingernails is of a different type than O.J.?s (Chua-Eoan 48). 3.) The Racist Cop ? Evidence that L.A.P.D. detective Mark Fuhrman once expressed racist opinions will be used to argue a frame-up. The defense will charge that Fuhrman may have planted the glove at O.J.?s house and that detective Philip Vanatter may have sprinkled blood on O.J.?s socks (Chua-Eoan 49). 4.) Nicole?s Character ? The defense will try to paint Nicole as a debauched and

irresponsible woman who ran with the wrong crowd. This will lay the groundwork for the theory that Nicole and Ron were killed as part of a drug hit. The prosecution will denounce this as meanspirited and argue that the victim is not on trial (Chua-Eoan 49). 5.) Wild-Card Witnesses ? O.J.?s team sprang a number of witnesses. One women claims to have seen four men in knit caps running from Nicole?s home; another says she saw O.J.?s Bronco parked outside his home at the same time. However, when the prosecution starts in on their reliability and character, it may undermine the defense?s alternative-killer strategy (Chua-Eoan 49). At the dawn of the most intense and confusing trial to take place, each lawyer did there part in presenting the best case possible. The prosecution thought

they had a sure shot when they presented the bloody socks, but defense lawyer, Robert Shapiro says, Investigators ?find a pair of socks? at O.J.?s house the day after Nicole and Goldman?s bodies are discovered, Shapiro explains. ?Nobody notices any blood. Two weeks later the socks are looked at by two of our experts, along with the head of the L.A.P.D. lab. Nobody notices any blood.? Not until August, claims Shapiro, is blood discovered on the socks-lots of it, plenty to run a DNA check. And where did this blood come from? Shapiro hints that when some of Simpson?s blood was drawn on the day of his arrest, a bit seems to have disappeared. The implication: it found its way onto the socks (Lieber and Steptoe 22). Marsha Clark was full force all the time, always trying to keep a

positive attitude, even when times were tough. ?I don?t believe the defense can produce everything they say they can,? says Clark. ?I can tell you that you will not see the prosecution be as complacent as we have been for the rest of this trial. Johnnie Cochran doing what every good defense lawyer should do, creating reasonable doubt. While F. Lee Baily Was the master behind the mind. As tensions flew and emotions ran high, the trial regarded as ?The Circus? slowly came to an end. The havoc and confusion that took place in Judge Edo?s courtroom was brought to hault and millions of Americans held their breath as one jury member rose and announced the verdict: ?We, the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder

(Roger Rosenblatt 42).