Trial Of The Century OJ Simpson Essay

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Trial Of The Century O.J. Simpson Essay, Research Paper In the past every decade has endured an event that has marked history in some way or another. The 30?s marked The Great Depression. The 60?s showed the assassination of President Kennedy. And although the 90?s isn?t quite over yet, one of the most memorable events would undoubtedly be the Trial of the Decade?The O.J. Simpson murder trial. The drama began and ended in Brentwood, California. Sunday, June 12, 1994, Sydney Simpson, (O.J.?s daughter) had a dance recital at Paul Revere Junior High School which the couple of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson attended separately. Simpson arrived at approximately six-o-clock p.m. After the recital Nicole had dinner with the children and a group of friends at The Mezzaluna

Resturaunte. The same restaurant that victim Ron Goldman, 21, was currently employed. ?She was so happy,? sister Denise Brown, ?She had broken up with O.J. a week and a half before. She was going to start her life over,? (Nasser 2A). At around 9:45, shortly after Goldman?s shift, he left the restaurant. Hoping to meet up with Nicole at her condominium and return a pair of lost sunglasses to their rightful owner. It is estimated that he arrived at Nicole?s home at around 10:00 p.m. This is when the double murder occurred. Just inside the gate leading to Nicole?s condominium. It was said by the L.A.P.D. that incriminating evidence was left at Simpson?s house before going to get a Chicago flight the following morning. Now, the only current problem that Simpson was faced with, was

the fact that between 9:34 p.m. and 10:40 p.m., he had no alibi (Lieber and Steptoe 24). The trial begins. Monday, January 23, 1995. The date that the trial referred to as ?The Circus? is to start today. The jury has been selected, and both the prosecution and the defense have spent many long days at the office. Representing the deceased Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman will be the prosecution. Marsha Clark, a mother of two with a good twenty murder trial wins under her belt will lead the prosecution team. At her side, deputy districts attorney Christopher Dardin. The basic topics that they will show to try and prove guilt will consist of four apparent concrete forms of evidence. 1.) The Bloody Glove ? Found outside of O.J.?s house, it was smeared with blood matching Nicole?s and

Ron Goldman?s, according to DNA tests. Also adhering to it was hair from both victims, a fiber from Goldman?s shirt and a fiber from consistent with the Bronco?s (Simpson?s Vehicle) carpeting. The glove?s mate was found besides Nicole?s body. Both are identical to a pair Nicole bought for O.J. in December 1990 (Gleik 56). 2.) The Lost Hour ? Prosecutors will contend that O.J. has no alibi between 9:45 p.m., when he returned from McDonald?s with permanent house guest Kato Kaelin, and 10:40 p.m., when limo driver Allan Park rang O.J.?s bell and got no answer, then spotted ?a black man? going up the driveway. About the same time, Kato, on the phone with his girlfriend, heard thumps outside of his room (Gleik 57). 3.) The Trail of Blood ? According to DNA tests performed by the

prosecution, the blood of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman matches bloodstains found on a knit cap near Goldman?s body, in O.J.?s Bronco and on a pair of socks found in O.J.?s bedroom. Defense will counter that police mishandled the blood samples and may have contaminated the socks, which they contend were blood free (Gleik 57). 4.) O.J.?s Character ? The prosecution will argue that O.J.?s smiling public persona masked a violent man, consumed by jealousy. They will produce the tape of Nicole?s terrified call to 911 in 1989, photos of her bruised face, and numerous witnesses to the Simpson?s troubled marriage. The defense will call experts to establish that wife battering rarely leads to murder (Gleik 58). The prosecution represents an extremely strong case; the defense will be