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main idea is clear and cannot be written any clearer. It focuses only on the legal history of 20th Century Creationism. The book was quite objective and thorough and it is hard to discern the author’s position on the matter, although one suspects he may not be sympathetic to the Creationist cause since he is familiar with their sometimes devious and irrational strategies for manipulating public opinion, the courts and state legislatures to “overrule” the scientific community in the matter of evolution. He succeeds in amply illustrating his main thesis, namely that the response of the courts to Creationism has been profoundly influenced by public opinion. Well written and recently revised to bring it up to date. There are some weakness to the book. First, the book offers

limited analysis of its subject. Although Larson recognizes evangelical movements and rural-urban conflict, he does not explain the making of “popular opinion.” He also obscures in his discussion of Bryan reformism the primary indebtedness of anti-evolutionary forces to evangelical crusades for government action against intemperance and vice. The book contributes most with its description of the legal controversies. Second, the chapters go in chronological order, but it does not go in chronological order within the chapters. Within each chapter, Larson “skips” around . For example in Chapter Three, Larson tells the Scopes trial, which happened in 1925. Then it goes on to say, “only one anti-evolution bill surfaced the year following the Arkansas victory, and thereafter

non appeared anywhere until 1959″ (p 81-82). On that same page, Larson talks about little things that happened in 1927, 1928,1931, and 1932. The events from this book are significant to the long-term view of our country because almost a whole century of our country s history are these events. The events from this book take place in the 1900s. These events are not one of the thing that our country can be proud of. We should be ashamed of what the people have done. Nowadays, Americans aren t arguing as much as before. In all schools, public and private, Darwinian theories are taught and considered to be true.