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Trench Coat Mafia And Society Essay, Research Paper The Trench coat Mafia Opinion MANY FACTORS CAUSED OUTBURST OF VIOLENCE There is no single factor that caused the outburst of violence on 20th April 1999, in Littleton, Colorado. Blaming a single factor as the cause of the Columbine High School massacre is as ludicrous as a nation blaming an economic crisis on one person alone. There were many contributing factors that led to this massacre, and with that, an array of warning signs, all of which were ignored by most people. If people were searching for a sole factor to blame, it would be most appropriate to blame the lack of awareness of the Columbine High School community. The killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, talked about their love of guns openly at school and wrote

death poetry during their English classes. Can t anyone see that such behaviour can lead to nothing but darkness? The group Harris and Klebold belonged to, the Trench coat Mafia, told classmates of their plans to carry out a massacre at school, but fellow students jeered and dismissed their comments as empty threats. The preferred attire of the Trench coat Mafia were black trench coats, sunglasses and army berets. This code of dress was designed to stand out from the rest of the students, and to attract attention to them. This was not a wise decision made by the group as it attracted more abuse from students and became clearly recognised as misfits . This worsened the communication gap between the group and other students. The school should have identified this problem and

attempt to rectify the situation. The group s alienation from the rest of the school community made most people think that they were outcasts and soon became inferior and the butt of jokes. This proves that bullying cannot be denied a part in the cause of this massacre. Bullying lowered the self-esteem of Harris and Klebold, who eventually resorted to violence, thinking that it would be the solution to their problems. However, If the misfits were not jeered at but were accepted, they would not be misfits, and peaceful co-existence as civilised human beings would have been achieved. Seek and ye shall find stated Sophocles. Harris and Klebold did accordingly and proved this statement true during their search for weapons. However strict the government make the gun laws, there are

always ways for minors to obtain weapons. It would be unfair if all of the blame was laid onto the lack of gun control. Restricting the type of weapons people are allowed to buy will only punish the responsible gun owners, as there are always going to be irresponsible gun owners who are willing to sell weapons to minors. Parental culpability will definitely count as a cause to the rise of this event. It is unlikely that the parents of Harris and Klebold had no idea that their sons were making explosives and owned firearms. They turned a blind eye on their sons activities and made a whole community pay for their mistake. They owe the community most, but regardless of how hard they are going to try and redeem themselves, they cannot be forgiven. It is clear that there is no single

factor that caused the events at Columbine High School. There was an endless array of warning signs, most of which were neglected. A result, a tremendous act of violence was carried out on many innocent human beings. It is always clearer to look back at an event through hindsight, but his was one event that could clearly have been prevented.