Trem Essay For Eng 102103 Essay Research

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Trem Essay For Eng 102-103 Essay, Research Paper The pharmacy was very busy place. The pharmacist was talking on the telephone and working on the computer at the same time. After a while the printed some papers on the white printer. As he was counting the pills he pulled from the shelf, a customer asked, where are your pain relievers . The pharmacist told her here where to go. Just as he was about to finish counting the pills. Another customer wanted to get a prescription filled. The customer handed a paper that had a blue sybole of some kind, and then he finished counting the pills. Meanwhile at the other end of the pharmacy, there is a gray register. There are about eleven people waiting to pick up their prescriptions. A lady had a cart full of stuff and she demanded that

the person at the register ring up all of her stuff. The employee pointed up at a sign that said, For faster service you can only purchase items from the pharmacy. The lady started to argue saying, why cant you take my thing there is a big line out front . The employee said, there are a lot of customer behind you so if you would please go up to the front register we would appreciate it . After arguing for a while the coutomer left. Then someone dropped a case of Slim Fast that bangs agents the floor. The brown liquid was poring out of the box like a river and some started to spray everywhere. Immediately they paged someone from the cleaning department. While the cleaning person was on it was to clean up the spill; an employee put an orange hazard sign on top of it. To the left

there was a person putting away stock on the shelf. The floor was white and the cart was silver. There was some stuff in the cart, along with a lot of plastic warping the stock is warped up in. The ceiling was white and it had a lot of small holes in it. There was florescent light and the pharmacy light was florescent too, but the color in the pharmacy was a little duller. There were two computers where a pharmacy employee was working. He was trying to help two customers at one time. He was typing in info in both computers, probably to get info on the customers. There was a customer in one of those automatic carts you drive around. She was trying to come down the crowded isle. The people were trying to make room for her, and try to pull their cart to the side. Those carts were

clanging against each other, but finally the lady got though. While the lady on the cart was coming down the isle she ran into the shelf knocking stuff off of the shelf. She tried to pick as much of the stuff that she could, but there was still merchandise left on the floor. The place was crowded and people were running around everywhere. People pushing cart and caring those hands buckets around. It was noise and after a while you would start to here a ringing in your ear. The cash machines were opening and closing making a dinging sound.