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narrates to the reader, ” They interrupted me…The people in the group had turned from me and were murmuring in low voices to each other. Finally, the gray-haired man stepped out and said Thank-you, Miss Greenwood” (Plath 217)Esther feels that she is not being listened to by the doctors. The importance of being heard is very important to Esther and this is noted when Dr. Nolan, her new female doctor visits her in the hospital. Doctor Nolan asks Esther if she smokes and Esther replies, ” No ” (Plath 213). Esther thinks to herself if she smokes perhaps Dr. Nolan will stay longer. (Plath 213) The need for someone to stay longer is evidence that Esther still feels the need to be heard regardless of the number of doctors she has already visited. Thus, the male doctors

encountered by Rachel and Esther all exhibit egotistical attitude of superiority; while Dr. Nolan, a female exhibits a personality that is responsive to the needs of Esther. Unlike the male doctors, Dr. Nolan judges Esther’s problem as a real problem, and not as a female problem which needs to be practiced much more if women are going to receive the help they need. The fault with the medical profession is that it does listen to the concerns of females. With the growth of women in the work force today, hopefully this will be changing. Though both novels, The Bell Jar and A Jest of God were written in the 1960’s, this does not mean that they do not apply to the lives of women today. Women are still being categorized by their gender, their age and their status within society.

The proof lies in the context of the ” wonderful little drug, prozac”. The drug itself is not disastrous, but rather it is the of use of the drug by the medical industry. Women now, instead of being giving shock treatment, are handed a drug. There is no in-between. Women are still not being listened too; their concerns are still not being heard. When the day finally comes when both genders are equal, with their differences aside, then all, both male and female can join in the fiestas, for then, we will be a human race, united.