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board her. There are only two pirates on board and one of who has been killed in a drunken brawl by the other. After a terrifying fight Jim kills the last pirate and manages to steer the ship in a small cove. He then heads back to the stockade to rejoin his friends. The stockade is now in the hands of Silver and his mates. Jim is captured and is given the choice to join them. When he refuses the pirates want to kill him, but Silver talks them out of it. Silver tells Jim that the Doctor has given him the map and also abandoned the stockade in exchange for being allowed to go free. Silver tells Jim that he is now on the side of the doctor. At this point the pirates attempt to give Silver the Black Spot, but withdraw it when he reveals that he has the map. The treasure hunt begins

and Jim is dragged along. The weather is hot and sweaty and the pirates are edgy. When they finally reach the spot where the treasure should be hidden they discover it?s only an empty chest and the treasure is gone. Silver immediately realizes that there will be trouble and gives Jim a pistol with which to defend himself. The pirates turn angrily on Silver and are just about to attack him when there is a shot from among the trees. The remaining pirates run off, heading for the remaining long boat left from the Hispaniola. Jim and his friends easily get there before them and demolish the boat. At this point Ben Gunn reveals that he dug up the treasure several years ago and it is now in his cave. Jim now takes everyone to the Hispaniola and they transport the treasure from Ben?s

cave to her hold. Silver still claims to be on the Doctor?s side and helps them at every opportunity. Finally, they set sail and leave Treasure Island and the last couple of pirates behind. They first sail the Hispaniola to America to get more crewmen and docked there for the night. In the morning they discover that Silver and some of the treasure had disappeared. Finally, they return home, the Captain makes a full recovery. Ben Gunn becomes a more respectable citizen (for three days) and Jim says he would do it again anyday. No one ever hears of Long John Silver again. The conflict is solved when silver and the pirates capture Jim. The problem of the story is solved when Jim and his friends finding the treasure. Then escaping off the island without getting attacked by the

pirates. The only other problem is that Long John Silver took some of the treasure and disappeared. My opinion of the story is it was very cool and interesting. I liked it because it had a lot of detail and exciting events. I enjoy reading stories with suspense and action. I also like reading about science fiction. If I were to change anything I would change how Long John Silver disappeared at the end. I didn?t like how they just told you he disappeared like that. I like cliffhanger, but not in this book. I also don?t like how Billy Bones died so early. I would have made it so he live and they found the map on Treasure Island in an old chest in the attic. I liked his character, so I would have liked it to tell more about him. I would recommend this book to children 12 and above.

I think this age is expectable because some of the language might have been harder for younger children.