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lived at the sea and followed their own rules. For example, when Silver kept trying to hold his crew back from taking over the boat, they retaliated and served him a black spot (Stevenson 74). When a black spot was served it meant death to whom ever received it. The crew usually served it to a captain or another member of the crew that had betrayed them in some way (Rogozinski 89). They did not want to be bossed around by anyone; they wanted to follow no rules at all. They were violent human beings; they follow no laws and were outcasts from society, the way they dress gives people that perception. The art of piracy is reflected in the pirates in Treasure Island. Centuries ago pirates’ roaming the sea was a reality. According to A.B.C. Whipple in his book Famous Pirates of the

New World, “People who carried money on their ships were constantly in danger of pirates. Since shipping was their only way of travel, they had to fear the sea”(5). That is similar to Treasure Island because the only way of travel was the sea, and pirates must constantly be feared. Long John Silver and his crew had the advantage right as soon as the boat set sail. They were pirates and accustomed to the sea. They lived a life of mutiny. This lifestyle was best emphasized through the actions of pirates. “Many times Floyd 4pirates would chase other ships until they decided to give up”(Whipple 7). “This shows the same aggressiveness illustrated in the lethal scramble for Flint s treasure in the book Treasure Island”(Stevenson 1). Pirates of the 16th century were similar

to those in Robert Louis Stevenson s Treasure Island. Many people imagine pirates as having eye patches, wooden legs, and gold earrings; similar to characteristics of the pirates in Treasure Island. “Yo-ho-ho-an a bottle of rum”(Stevenson 112).