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Treasure Island Essay, Research Paper Character of Interest My favorite character in Treasure Island is captain Long John Silver. This character really stood out to me. The reason being that he was a very respected and or feared pirate among everyone that knew him. He had a very complex personality, at first he seemed to be the kindest person is the whole book, but later he really reveals what he is capable of and you soon learn it is really a act. Long John Silver is a very hard man to understand. It?s very hard to even describe him. He could be very friendly and nice, which he looked like. He had lost his leg above the knee so he hobbled around on a crutch, which he could move around remarkably good, he dressed in your average seamen clothes, thick sea cloth pants with a

button up shirt and a tri-corner hat with the only one he trusted perched on his shoulder, his parrot he named Captain Flint. He really looked to be a friendly old man. But he was much more than he appeared, he was evil enough to kill someone for looking at him wrong. And if you met someone like him on the street, you would never think he could do the things he did. And yet his fellow mates gave him more respect then the Captain Smollett or anyone else, I believe much of it came from fear though, if you weren?t a close friend of his you could have much to fear from him. First of all, this pirate changes from a proud captain, to a beggar. When the real captain (Captain Smollett) hires Long John Silver as the ship?s cook he seems very kind and respectful, in fact he even picks the

hole crew for the Hispaniola (later to his advantage he finds out). When Jim Hawkins meets him he treats Jim as his he was his own grandson, and shares his stories and experiences with him, which is usually uncommon for a pirate to be so kind, he tells Jim he reminds him of himself as a young lad. In fact Long John owns a pub in Bristol, England, and he sees a man run out the door with out paying for his rum, instead of running outside firing guns down the street at him he ask one of his fellow sailors to chase him down and get his pay, which I expected him to ask to get his throat slit. But later Long John organizes a mutiny and plans to take over the ship so that they are to find the treasure. And when they are ashore he single handily kills ever loyal man aboard and assumes

position of captain and leader of the mutineers. And during the end when his plans for treasure are lost, and every man on his side is either dead or lost on the island he swallows his pride and does his best to please everyone hoping they won?t abandon him on the island, which I couldn?t believe, I thought he would tell them to go to hell rather then answer to them. So he acts differently, but he thought the same, I know if he had a chance he would kill them all in the night. So he really doesn?t change at all. I don?t really believe that I connect or related to this character at all. He lived in a completely different time than me and has done things I only know of from stories like this. But there was one thing I did admire about him, that was that he always keep his word.

Even when he makes a bargain with his enemies he had a chance to shoot and kill them in the back, but he didn?t, even though it was his second goal of the book was to kill them he made a promise to let them go safely, and he did. Theme The main theme of Treasure Island is that crime doesn?t pay. Long John Silver lost his entire crew, some at by his own hand, trying to get the treasure. And ended with nothing compared to what he thought he was going to. He had this master plan to organize to take over the ship, obtain the treasure map, find the treasure, steal the ship for him and his men, planning to leave Captain Smollett and his crew dead or alive on the island. And then leave with a life time worth of fortune for him and his mates. But in the end he was alone with his enemies,